Taking a break from papers, still addicted to coffee.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee has caused a few problems in my life lately. Ha, it's my fault anyway. Have you ever had that feeling before you get yourself involved in something, you get a bad vibe that the result isn't going to be great, and most likey you'd have to suffer the consequences? Well, a few weeks ago, before I had my first starbucks in a long time, I figured that I would most likely be addicted BUT that I would be able to control myself. Well, guess what...I am typing at Starbucks as you read :o) orrr :o(

Just to recap last week. Due to my starbucks and poor memory, sometimes I'd grab a starbucks at night and forget to make it a de-caf. So with that said, I spent a couple nights with less sleep. On Monday (the day of my final) I woke up late...agian.

 My class started at 11 o'clock... I woke up at 11:03. I thought OH NO! so I rushed and changed into my clothes. I was almost close to not brushing my teeth, but I knew that taking an exam for the remiander of the class with a funky breathe would make me lose my concentration. So I brushed them cleeeean.

It was 11:08 and I was half way to school. I didn't pack breakfast,  because I had no time. Fortunately I grabbed this bar that I bought from TJ's.

It was so chewy and good. I skimmed through the ingredients and it is much similar to the Amazing Grass Bar. There was an added crunch to each bite, but I couldn't retrace it to what it was, it made the eating experience exciting and stress-free (considering I was late to an exam)

I arrived just in time! just as she was passing the test. I am so glad I did not pull my hair out on the way to school...if I did, it would have been for nothing :o)

On Saturday I made some Quinoa which I cooked with the rice cooker. T'was very easyyyy. I added a few things to jazz it up and scooped a cup into my re-used TJ container.

I added:
Ground Pepper
Sea salt
Mrs. Dash Original Blend
Garlic Pepper Blend
and frozen peas and carrots

It was amazing! Next time I need to add chicken stock or something with a strong flavor. It was easy because the rice cooker did all the work while I caught up watching 90210. I do not eat salt unless it naturally occurs in food. So I added 1/4 Tspn of sea salt, but it made a huge difference for my taste buds. Now I find that when I usually eat foods laden with a little bit of salt, such as fries...I taste the salt in my mouth the whole day no matter how much water I drink. Does that happen to you?

This is what I also packed for lunch, in my handy dandy cooler:

Grilled chicken and Zuccinni


Un-pictured items: Raw cashews, Carrot sticks, Whey powder, Trio Bar

So here I am at Starbucks and I'm sitting across this guy who just keeps chatting up a storm. I literally kept re-reading a sentence five times before I got the concept from my book. I am a very ackward person and I often acknowledge it, but sometimes I just didn't know what to say to him. I've been trying to do my work and he's been chatting up a storm :o( but he is a very nice guy.

This is what he is making (I managed to sneak in a picture, shhhhhh) :

Voodoo dolls :o)

"I can make a replica doll of you, ooh! like a voodoo!"
"The voodoo's look like me, maybe if I add a girl on top..." (haha)
"Did you know you can download Avatar on Bit Torrent?"
"I made a book"
" I hope I become rich once I start selling my books"
"Did I ever mention I wrote a book?"
"Hey, I made a book all by myself, do you want to see it?"
"Do you know what a Grim Reaper is?"

This guy is very interesting!

Christmas break is here (or almost here, in my case) how are you going to enjoy it?


Nicole Chow - HealthyChow.com December 14, 2009 at 9:33 PM  

Too funny! I have that same TJ's fat free feta container and I love the size of it. I use it for everything. Right now, there's a hard boiled egg in it. I'm so glad you made it to your test in time. You had me worried!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) December 15, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

I ALWAYS get decaf from Starbucks...or half caf if it's before 2pm :)

If not, I'll be jittering it up a storm. I like to get Venti to get my money's worth and a venti's worth of coffee would kill me.

Greens+ bars are AMAZING!

Simply Life December 17, 2009 at 4:13 AM  

I'll be enjoying the holidays visiting my family who I haven't seen in months! :)

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