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Hello. I'm Angela. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for taking the time and checking this page. I tried to type out a shindig about me, but it just looked way cheesy and I realized actually how uninteresting I am. So instead, I will give a few random facts myself.

1) I love the nostalgic feeling after a swim, it also helps that I work at a pool and get a nice tan at the same time.

2) I love positive people and try to surround myself around them as much as possible. I just love absorbing their energy. 

3) I love to draw

4) Peanut Butter frozen yogurt is the bomb

5) No matter what, I always cry everytime I watch Remember the Titans

6) I was into the whole Twilight craze (books), but the movie ruined it for me since then. So now it's Harry Potter all the way.

7) I love God, and need Him in my life.

8) I like reading Yoda quotes for some reason, partly because I like to imitate Yoda. But I've never seen Star Wars. Ever.

9) I love food, I would try almost anything.

10) Zombieland is an awesome movie.

11) The Resident Evil games on the Play Station scared me and gave me nightmares as a kid.

12) Seth Rogen is awesome, I like him.

13) Nothing beats ice cold water, and maybe a diet coke.

14) Good beer and good music.

15) I love the idea of infinite things.

16) I love fruity flavored chapstick, my favorite is StarBurst's Tangelo Mango. It smells and tastes amazing. I can't go back to regular chapstick.

17) I love how liberating it feels to extract an eyelash stuck in your eye, it's like a sigh of relief.

18) I have an addiction to Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice syrup. It's $42 on ebay?! :'o(

Five things I loathe.

I loathe: When I eat food and my fingers end up smelling like the chicken all day, no matter how many times I scrub it clean. Drives me nutso!

I loathe: Photo enforced traffic lights. I get really anxious and stressed out when I am driving towards an intersection with cameras ready to snap my license plate any moment.

I loathe: seagulls. My job is to scrub their droppings off the deck, and sometimes it's hard.

I loathe: flies. It doesn't matter whether it's a fruit fly or a house fly. It's my biggest pet peeve to hear or see one flying around the house. I literally can't concentrate, I have the need to kill it.

I loathe: I don't like it when my hair feels oily, it really bothers me.

I loathe: eating liver. Don't like the taste.

Tell me one thing you love and one thing you loathe.

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