Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a lovely day, how has your week been? I hope it has been glorious! :) It's only day 44 into the new year, have you been evaluating your intents and goals for this season? I hope you continue to strive and shine.

It's been a while since I've updated and quite honestly I have been over blogging, I lost the spark to update but you can always follow me on twitter @AngelaLovesFood...there you will realize how truly weird and random my thoughts seem to be.

Other thoughts: Boxed macaroni tastes better when you jazz it up!


I like to add more nutrients and volume to food for satiety. I bought a box of organic boxed macaroni by Annie's. The direction calls for 1/4 of milk and to stir in the cheese packet. Realizing that I have less than half that amount of milk left (who would leave that much milk left over in the fridge?!) I added 1/4 of cream of chicken with milk to thin out, seasonings, avocado, tomatoes, and cayenne pepper. It.was.pretty.awesome!

There were definitely enough for left overs. I am the queen of bulking it up. Stretching .99 cents for two days, is an accomplishment, just add volume!


Other thoughts: When attempting to make Macaroons for the first time, it may be a good idea to do some research...


Because what could have been coconut balls, could potentially turn into a flat cookie. Not complaining, but I definitely sad that my experiment didn't work. It was pretty delicious nonetheless.


Another thought: No matter what mood you find yourself in, seeing a dog in diapers is pretty darn amusing.


Thought: Despite eating five servings of Samoa cookie ice cream in a sitting, if I eat one vegetable, I've accomplished my goal of healthy eating for the day. In this case, five vegetables. BAM, I'm on a roll!



Fact: I've never seen an ugly sunset.



    Luke 18:27 "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."


My favorite things

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you looking for modern rugs to spruce up your place? CSN Stores seriously has everything you need.


I've been in such a baking mood lately, mostly in the cookie arena because it's simple, and it takes less than 30 minutes to bake a batch of cookies that

1. You can have for for dessert after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2. To exchange to your friends and/or family

3. Just to give as gifts or a nice thought

4. Or to eat all to yourself! nom nom nom


The best cookie I've ever made was a batch of Mama P's Peanut Butter Dough Balls

Initially it's supposed to be vegan, but I didn't have vegan butter or vegan chocolate chips, but still great nonetheless!



Very peanut buttery good


The dough came out very soft and airy, it was so nice to work with. After freezing the dough to firm up, I rolled it into balls, hence Peanut Butter Dough BALLS.


Maybe it didn't firm quite enough because the cookie flattened a wee bit. It was so good, I am in love with the softness of the cookie. I think I ate three. It used to be that I enjoyed the almost burnt-crispy cookies, but now it's all about the golden outer layer and with a doughy center. mmm


I used chunky peanut butter, you can clearly see the peanuts.



Since I have nothing blog worthy to post, I suppose I will do a quick post about things that I love.



1. Candles! add them to any room and it puts me at a relaxed state of mind, there is just something whimsical about a candle that I like. It makes it enjoyable to have on my desk beside me while I am reading. When our heater broke, I seriously used this candle to keep me warm by placing my hands over it like a campfire. It also makes my room smell wonderful. This candle was on sale for $10 (originally $20) and it is HUGE.


2. Trader Joes Tree Tree Tingle Body Wash- I am in love with this body wash. After buying a candle and realizing how a scent can put me at a calm state, I purchased this on a whim because I love the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus. Man, let me tell you, after I bought this my showering time has doubled. When I would take yoga and shower at their facility, I washed and rinsed myself three times (hey! it ain't my water bill) just to take a whiff of myself!

tea tree oil

3. Moleskin journal- I bought this journal two months ago (it came in a pack of two) and today I officially finished writing in the first journal. I am happy to start onto my next, I love the feel of the paper, how flexible, and nice it fits in my purse. It isn't bulky at all, it makes journal writing fun. I bought more journals a week ago from a japanese store, so I will see whether it matters or not whether it's moleskin that I take a liking to. I would say I have a total of five journals that I never finished though out the years, moleskin is the only journal that I finished writing from start to finish.


4. Sailor Gel Pen .38mm- Since I've been journaling a lot, I have to find a good pen. The only pen that I really like are the ones I buy at a japanese store called Marukai on Balboa. It's the only place I know so far with a pen that has the thickness of .38mm. That is thin! I've used ball bens to write in my journal but it smudged all the time, using this gel pen takes pressure off my hands because I press hard when I write and it glides on perfectly.

sailor gel pens

5. Starfield- I am in love with this album.

the saving one

6. Yoga-  I foresee more yoga in my future, I bought an unlimited one month pass to CorePower Yoga when a really good deal presented itself. Unfortunately my month ends tomorrow, so all I can do is wait til another deal hits at www.groupon.com Yoga is seriously addicting! I've sweat more doing yoga than I do exercising. It's because the classes I choose are in a heated setting. My favorite positions are the baby pose and crow because it really stretches my hips. My hips are usually tight from sitting all day at work. 


7. Babies- They make my heart melt. sigh.



scrambled morning

Friday, December 10, 2010

This morning led to a rough start because I was scrambling to produce an essay that was due by 11:00 am, I woke up at 8:45. Crunch time! I had no time to make breakfast, I had to hurry on along and finish my paper due in T-minus 2 hours!

Last night I attempted to do my homework but I was just exhausted by the time I got home from school, work, and Bible Study. It was funny reading my attempts at the essay I tried to write last night, you'd figure I was drunk writing it. Anyhow! I got the paper down and sent by 10:00am. I work better under pressure, although it may not be my best work, but it's done! phew.

Now I just need to look forward to my next three exams. Ew. Looking at the bright side, school is almost over and I do not have any more papers or projects!


My cow-dog always brightens my day, except when she ran across the street to do her thang on a patch of grass this morning. I had to yell at her, I don't want to see her get run over by a car. It's a bad thing to think about, but it's reality. It can happen to anyone.


Excuse the greasy hair and eyeliner smudge, apparently my eye make-up remover isn't doing it's job.

After my paper was done, my mom treated me to Starbucks. I managed to get my drink for free because they ran out of the Christmas Blend I wanted, awesome. The same thing happened yesterday. I am pretty lucky.


Breakfast ensued. Avocado, scrambled eggs (4 egg whites + one yolk), and golden potatoes wok  with coconut oil in a skillet with diced jalapenos, diced red onions, and garlic. Epic.


I enjoyed with with Cayenne pepper + mustard. I love mustard. I used to hate it because I really disliked the smell and off putting vinegar taste, but my taste has adjusted to foods I used to loath.   Love how that works because now I enjoy things that are GOOD for me.

IMG_6933Healthy fats (avocado)IMG_6935 Protein source (eggs)IMG_6934 Carbs (potatoes)

IMG_6936 Flavor! Spicy brown mustard!


Which potatoes do you prefer?

I love love sweet yams, recently I tried white yams and it's subtlety sweet, but I love any form of sweet potato, I think that includes Taro?

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