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Friday, December 10, 2010

This morning led to a rough start because I was scrambling to produce an essay that was due by 11:00 am, I woke up at 8:45. Crunch time! I had no time to make breakfast, I had to hurry on along and finish my paper due in T-minus 2 hours!

Last night I attempted to do my homework but I was just exhausted by the time I got home from school, work, and Bible Study. It was funny reading my attempts at the essay I tried to write last night, you'd figure I was drunk writing it. Anyhow! I got the paper down and sent by 10:00am. I work better under pressure, although it may not be my best work, but it's done! phew.

Now I just need to look forward to my next three exams. Ew. Looking at the bright side, school is almost over and I do not have any more papers or projects!


My cow-dog always brightens my day, except when she ran across the street to do her thang on a patch of grass this morning. I had to yell at her, I don't want to see her get run over by a car. It's a bad thing to think about, but it's reality. It can happen to anyone.


Excuse the greasy hair and eyeliner smudge, apparently my eye make-up remover isn't doing it's job.

After my paper was done, my mom treated me to Starbucks. I managed to get my drink for free because they ran out of the Christmas Blend I wanted, awesome. The same thing happened yesterday. I am pretty lucky.


Breakfast ensued. Avocado, scrambled eggs (4 egg whites + one yolk), and golden potatoes wok  with coconut oil in a skillet with diced jalapenos, diced red onions, and garlic. Epic.


I enjoyed with with Cayenne pepper + mustard. I love mustard. I used to hate it because I really disliked the smell and off putting vinegar taste, but my taste has adjusted to foods I used to loath.   Love how that works because now I enjoy things that are GOOD for me.

IMG_6933Healthy fats (avocado)IMG_6935 Protein source (eggs)IMG_6934 Carbs (potatoes)

IMG_6936 Flavor! Spicy brown mustard!


Which potatoes do you prefer?

I love love sweet yams, recently I tried white yams and it's subtlety sweet, but I love any form of sweet potato, I think that includes Taro?

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