Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's close to 2010. I had my last milkshake of 2009, so I am in a high state of a sugar coma and can't really share my thoughts and inputs of the last decade. I feel like I'm going to fall into a deep state of sleep soon.

This poor fish is going to be cooked up soon.

I've been thinking A LOT about this subject for the past summer and especially now.
But...I would one day and who knows, maybe for this year or next: compete in a figure competition.
I've been so intrigued, inspired, and admired this sport because of my ex-boyfriends mom.

She is 50 and competes! from what I know, she didn't start competing til she was in her late 40's (anything is possible).

I have yet to tell her that I want to do something like this, all because of her.
It's crazy, I never thought I'd want to do something like this.

Here is a picture of her, can you guess which one is she is? (her husband is a personal trainer and that is his site) he's kicked my butt a few times too! although my ex and I aren't together, there is nothing weird or awkward when I run into them (mostly at the gym, hehe) they are wonderful to me.
She looks incredible and gorgeous in person.

I realized there is a lot I need to work on to reach this goal. But writing down short goals and changing several habits, as well is blogging and getting inspired and motivated will help.

I've started watching Glee (the reason I haven't blogged much). Glee = a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
and I've been in a pancake phase this week!

I hope everyone has a safe New Year!


Inspired to Shop!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's either now or never that I post, because I am sooo over-whelmed with all the pictures I took over the weekend. I might have to compress this a little bit.

This weekend has been full of inspirations, from the things I bought and I goodies I made (all because of this blogging community) when I am bored and have the spare time, I love to read everyones stories and recipes online.

I ran into the Blueberry Fiber mini-cakes at Trader Joes on Friday:

Look at the calorie content and the ingredients, it's a PLUS for me!
Ingredients: Wheat Bran, Water, White Grape Juice Concentrate, Whole Wheat Flour, Blueberries, Baking Soda, and Salt

I remembered reading about this from Alyson's blog, and when I read the nutrition content, that made me want to try it out even more. It was very moist and not overly sweet, I eat it as a snack. It feels like a cheat food when I eat it, but it's not.

Last night, I've been waiting a while to make chocolate covered pretzel rods that I have read from Itzy's post, not only did hers look wonderful, but she also got the idea from Sabrina. It looked yummy and easy to make! I got inspired and decided that last night was the time to make it.

Sliced Almonds

Crushed Reese's Pieces

And Mini-Chocolate Chips (the best one)

DO NOT under-estimate how much one bag of chocolate chips can produce.

I also made white chocolate ones (but the consistency was too thin)
This was the only chunky Peppermint piece, before I did something stupid...

I decided to use my Magic Bullet to grind the Candy Canes, but instead of it coming out as chunks, it came out as powder! it didn't look as pretty as this one.

Another stupid thing...

Somewhere in my right mind, I thought it was okay to start this experiment at 10 p.m, although it is easy to make, the work was very tedious and slow. It would've been great to have done this with someone (to make it faster). I didn't go to bed til 1 am. That included preparing, crushing the toppings, making it, packaging it (it dries up pretty quickly, depending how thin you coat the rods), and cleaning.

This Morning:

 I had oats! with the mini-chocolate chips from last night.

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to incorporate more protein into my breakfast, almond butter didn't do me enough justice. I felt like I had enough carbs pretzel rods from last night, so I added egg beaters to the mix. I think I microwaved it for too long, because I tasted chunks of eggs. It was good, but I wasn't used to it, it almost made me gag. But it was Mind over matter! it wasn't bad at all

Made a trip to Whole Foods with my friend Sean, he was sick :o( so it wasn't fun. He watched me eat (which I didn't mind)

It was my first time trying Cous Cous. It was very interesting, I liked the chewy texture with the crunchiness and mix of cold veggies.

Also I got a side of Cheesy Cauliflower, Chicken Cacciatore, and a Raw Salad.

I've finally found this, Hallelujah! I was in a Pumpkin Pie craze during the Thankgiving Holidays. I ate a whole pie to myself...tsk tsk
But, I also wanted to try StonyField's Pumpkin Pie yogurt, and more when I read it from Allie's post.

Also, I was in the mood for a milkshake, I was [--> ] this close to getting an Oreo milkshake from Jack in the Crack! but I knew I'd be feeling the bloat and guilt in the aftermath (600 calories, all the fat and sugar yuck!), so since I was at Whole foods I wanted to try the Tempt Ice Cream that I read from Lesley's post. I was stuck between the Coconut Bliss ice cream and the Tempt, but looking at the saturated fat, carb, and sugar content of both: Tempt was a winner!

I also peeled off a '$1 off coupon' from the Milk Aisle...shhhhh
So I saved one dollar for the ice cream.

It was soooooo delicious, it is now my favorite! so if I am ever tempted into eating the bad goods, I know to turn to Tempt...the good good.

I also snatched this.

It was easy to blend in my water bottle.

My 10 year old sister Karen (she was trying on my mom's make-up)

Have you found your now favorite products, simply because you read it from your favorite blogs? if yes, what is it?
My favorite so far, Tempted ice cream...mmmm


Burn Heart Burn...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's the weekend! any exciting plans?

This morning I woke up and wanted protein pancakes, but I ran out of eggs, boo. I happily obliged to oatmeal.

  • 1/3 cup oats

  • mircowaved with 1/3 cup of water and 1/2 unsweetened vanilla almond milk

  • Mircowaved with slices of banana

  • Mircowaved Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice (the scent filled the kitchen)

  • 1 Tbsn Salba

  • Chia Seeds

  • Spinkle of coconut

  • A tiny bit of pumpkin butter and almond butter

I prefer my banana mircowaved along with the uncooked oatmeal, it's so much better. The consistency was amazing.

The benefits of Salba, it's just like flax (texture wise)

Before leaving to the gym, I packed my lunch, snack, and dinner (gotta prepare incase hunger strikes!).
One of my snacks include rice cake with almond butter, tad of maple butter, and chia seeds!
I like to sandwich it between two rice cakes.

Did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Back and Ab's.

I used a ball to do ab crunches, and just as I was done with my repetition, the ball slipped right under me and I fell on my butt. Before I fell backwards, I thought noooo, catch yourself! but it was too late, and the ball proceeded to roll towards the end of the studio.

This lady removed her headphones and asked if I was okay ha.
That is gonna leave a bruise! ow ow

After the gym, my mom and sister invited me to go to a Thai Restaurant.
It took forever to decide what I wanted, but I got a Squid Salad "make it spicy" I said.

When it came, I was confused on where the actual bed of greens were. There was just one HUGE lettuce.

The onions were my favorite part of the dish. It didn't taste onion-y. It was crunchy and cold, the squid melted in my mouth, and it was SPICY! I ate it with rice.

It was soooo spicy that the waiter had to come and refill my water four times (I swear I saw him smirking). The chef came over and laughed at my facial expression "Spicy eh?"
My face is very read-able

No wonder...look at all those pepper seeds. My salad was infested with it!

Oh, I almost forgot, mom got this...

Green Curry w/ a side of rice.

I was done with my plate and my mom started chatting with the cooks. It was then that I started to feel really sick. I don't know what a heartburn feels like, but I think I had a heartburn attack!

One of the cooks started asking me questions, but I couldn't absorb what she said to me. All I could think about was how much I wanted to barf!

I couldn't take it anymore! I ran outside towards the side of the restaurant.

And you could guess what happened...

It was embarrassing.


  1. My 10 year old sister patting my back

  2. Two cyclists peddling by, slowing down to take a look

  3. The chef! coming out to see if I was okay

  4. Then coming out again to give me a cold glass of water

  5. Another cyclist peddling up to see if I was okay...

  6. Then peddling back to see if I had spare change
When I came back my mom just laughed and asked me how bad it was. She then told me "You need to stop eating when you're full, you eat too much."

Ha, well the heartburn and the ill feeling suprised me out of no where. One minute I was enjoying my meal, then the next my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

 I think that dish was just too spicy for me, but it was sooo good.

I just hope I didn't offend anyone in the resturant. I didn't want them to think I got sick because their food was horrible!

Two embarrassments in one day! oh boy :o)

Have you ever felt so sick because you ate too much?

I can guess, yes, especially if it's good :o)


Protein Pancakes to Go!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last night I had to babysit the little sister, so I decided to just crash at my moms house since work would be a closer drive. I decided to pack my lunch since the only thing my mom has here are microwavable goods junk.

I decided I wanted pancakes for breakfast in the morning, I packed my own 'Protein Pancake Mix' to go in a zipbloc baggie.


1/3 cup Oats
1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein
1 packet of NOW French Vanilla Stevia
1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Shredded Coconut
Several Chocolate Chips
Pumpkin Spice

Added 3 egg whites to the mix!

 Topped it off with Nanananana'ers and blackberries
and also Earth Balance butter.

You can see the Chocolate oozing out, my favorite part :o)

After my amazing breakfast I headed to work and a swimmer brought in pizza to show his appreciation. I decided to have one small slice because it was from a 'mom and pop' joint. I wanted to taste this towns goodness, if it was any other pizza like Domino's, I would've just alas say "nay". It was yummy!

The tomato(e)? was really chunky, just the way it should be.
All of the guards were lounging around eating pizza while the swimmers swam.
There were four boxes of pizza, so we shared the left-overs (plenty) with the divers and workers.
(we work at a submarine base).

Fed my addiction and got a Venti Soy Caffe Misto w/ Pumpkin Spice.
I am Lactose-Intolerant, but I still drink milk anyway. This past week, I've been getting horrible stomach cramps because I've been buying coffee with milk and I wanted to have a good day at work, so I got the soy.

Snacked on Kombacha.

Read my favorite health and fitness magazine! you can see the next baking project I'll be working on. I'm deciding to give it away as baked Christmas gifts.

Today was a great day overall, it was sunny and warm. I decided to swim for 30 minutes to get rid of my 4x4 band-aid tan on my tummy! but it's still there :o(

Wore the Santa Hat all day at work.

If you know what thing ring means, currently it's upside down.

Christmas is almost near! What are you looking forward to eating or baking?


Protein Pancake

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am at Starbucks studying and the sweet sound of Christmas music fills me with this over-whelming sense of joy. I am smiling for no reason because there's this sense of warmth and distant happy memories that are playing in my mind. I am drinking a Non-fat Pumpkin Spice Latte as I type.

I was suppose to have my free training session this morning, but my trainer called to me tell me he locked himself out of his apartment with his keys. I didn't mind, I used this opportunity to study for my exam today.

 I was a little relieved because I was scrambling to pack my clothes and scarf down my breakfast. So after he called, I took my time eating my protein pancakes. It was a nice change from just eating oatmeal!

Chocolate protein pancake! (two stacked on top of one another)

  • 3 egg whites

  • 1/3 cup of quick oats

  • Cinnamon

  • Pumpkin Spice

  • 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla extract

  • 1 packet of vanilla stevia

  • 1 scoop of Chocolate Whey

I whisked everything together and cooked it over a griddle with cooking spray.
Microwaved 1/3 banana w/ cinnamon and drizzled it with Almond Butter.

It was delicious and I was glad I took my time eating it. Gulped it down with a nice cold cup of Almond Milk. It was very cold (the refridgerator was on it's coldest level.)

********Last night:

I made myself a green monster. It is so much easier to use frozen spinach because I don't have to worry about fresh spinach wilting, so I have frozen spinach readily available anytime. It also made the GM very thick and much more frozen (the way I like it).

  • Frozen Spinach

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk

  • 1 scoop Vanilla Whey

  • Frozen Medley (strawberry/mango/pineapple)

  • Wheatgrass powder

  • Salba

  • Chia seeds

It was very Green, as far as color and taste. I used my Magic Bullet, I have a love hate relationship with it. I love that it is easy to clean, I hate that it is not powerful enough to crush and blend frozen items. I spent a majority of the time trying to blend in my frozen fruits, making sure I don't over heat the motor.

My unpictured oats from yesterday. I am loving the blackberries! my first time using it in oatmeal.

I also bought cute boots this week. I've always wanted boots but didn't think I could pull it off, but this week I just went for it. This can dress up any outfit. The cool thing about these boots is that it is versatile. It can be worn short or long (if you remove the straps above). two for the price of one! $30

I hardly have the time and desire to treat myself. The only thing I ever splurge on is FOOD. That is where all of my money goes, but this week I've gotten myself into this phase of buying things for myself. Yikes! it's got to stop!

I was almost this close [--> ] to buying a Dior Mascara last night, because my mom has it and it works magically. But I didn't because I know that there are a lot of department store brands that works as good. If you are looking for an affordable mascara that works great: Revlon Lash Fantasy works great!

Taylor Swift even uses it. I am so influenced with a lot of the things I buy from media and posts, I am a consumer at her worst!

But I've used and re-bought this mascara for so long (three times counting, soon to be four).

I'll be working a lot during my break so that will make up for my spending.

I think there are good splurges and guilty splurges.
My good splurges are on healthy groceries, and my guilty splurges are on Starbucks!

What is yours?


Sore from the waist down.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yesterday I did a killer leg workout, and my legs are sore (I can't help but wobble). I dread going to the gym on leg day, because I hate the pain associated, it's killer and different than working any other body parts; it takes a while to see the results than it is my arms. So my favorite workouts are shoulders and back.

This morning I had my oats topped with: Salba, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Justin's Maple Almond butter, TJ's pumpkin butter, Shredded coconut, annnnnd I may have added Maple Butter and Chocolate Almond Butter.

Haha, I am almost too embarrassed at the amount of toppings I eat with my oats, but I just recently started eating my oats like this (because I like it swaaa-eeet). There are just too many things clashing with one another. Simple is better, but sometimes I just am in the mood to indulge and I correlate it with something relatively healthy. uh-oh.

My eggs are about to expire soon, so I'll be having an omelet in the morin'. I am going to have to force myself to limit the toppings tomorrow :o)

This morning at the gym:
I did my cardio on the elliptical for 30 minutes and did the Torso Rotater for 5 minutes (to prepare lifting back).

I went back to the locker room to get my gloves, came back to do sets on the Lateral Pull. As I sit down, this trainer approaches me...I've never ever talked to the trainers, they intimidate me.. ** Tangent

**Tangent: Actually, if you remember, there is this one trainer that I've had my eye on, haha. I've been a chicken to say anything to him, my nerves got to me. For a couple weeks my co-worker would ask whether or not I introduced myself. (ah! scary)...but two days ago I just said "hi" and he said "hi" I was happy! I texted my co-worker and she said she was proud of me.

It's not the beautiful trainer, that wasn't my focus (or maybe I'm just lying to myself) I just wanted to prove to myself that I can conquer this stupid fear oh putting myself out there. Once I did it, it felt good. I always tell my friends to go out there and  just do it and now I am finally taking my own advice.

Anyway....back to the actual story about this morning...

...Continued: So this trainer approaches me and introduces himself. He tells me that he sees me around regulary. I tell him that I've only started getting serious about working out since this summer. He tells me that he has free time, and if I would like to be trained by him.

I couldn't turn down the offer! people pay $$$ to get trained here at 24 hour fitness. At the same time I thought "Oh great, why today? I didn't shave, gaaaah, and I wish I wore eyeliner and etc etc"

He had me do a few awkward moves that involved my arms up in the air ( I was worried about deodorant stains and ummm, if you're a women, you'd know what I mean), oh my gaaaawd I was mortified, and let me tell you, I am so easy to read. Once I feel ackward, you can totally tell, my face can't hide it.

He was really nice, his name is Fredie (that is really how it's spelled) and he is training me for free again on Thursday :o) This time I will be prepared. And I made a new friend, if he would like to be my friend.

My last attempt in making my own  Pumpkin Spice ended badly.
I found this, but I still miss my Starbucks (it's only been one day).

I am drinking a new tea from Celestia Seasonings,
it's Sugar Plum Spice!
and it's amazing.

I am excited for all these new flavors, I'm trying not to get attached to it, for I know it won't be here for long.

Are there any seasonal items that you always look forward to during the holidays?
-I'm ready to wait for next years Starbucks Red Cup, once this season is over, the Pumpkin Spice Latte has become my favorite :o(


Taking a break from papers, still addicted to coffee.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee has caused a few problems in my life lately. Ha, it's my fault anyway. Have you ever had that feeling before you get yourself involved in something, you get a bad vibe that the result isn't going to be great, and most likey you'd have to suffer the consequences? Well, a few weeks ago, before I had my first starbucks in a long time, I figured that I would most likely be addicted BUT that I would be able to control myself. Well, guess what...I am typing at Starbucks as you read :o) orrr :o(

Just to recap last week. Due to my starbucks and poor memory, sometimes I'd grab a starbucks at night and forget to make it a de-caf. So with that said, I spent a couple nights with less sleep. On Monday (the day of my final) I woke up late...agian.

 My class started at 11 o'clock... I woke up at 11:03. I thought OH NO! so I rushed and changed into my clothes. I was almost close to not brushing my teeth, but I knew that taking an exam for the remiander of the class with a funky breathe would make me lose my concentration. So I brushed them cleeeean.

It was 11:08 and I was half way to school. I didn't pack breakfast,  because I had no time. Fortunately I grabbed this bar that I bought from TJ's.

It was so chewy and good. I skimmed through the ingredients and it is much similar to the Amazing Grass Bar. There was an added crunch to each bite, but I couldn't retrace it to what it was, it made the eating experience exciting and stress-free (considering I was late to an exam)

I arrived just in time! just as she was passing the test. I am so glad I did not pull my hair out on the way to school...if I did, it would have been for nothing :o)

On Saturday I made some Quinoa which I cooked with the rice cooker. T'was very easyyyy. I added a few things to jazz it up and scooped a cup into my re-used TJ container.

I added:
Ground Pepper
Sea salt
Mrs. Dash Original Blend
Garlic Pepper Blend
and frozen peas and carrots

It was amazing! Next time I need to add chicken stock or something with a strong flavor. It was easy because the rice cooker did all the work while I caught up watching 90210. I do not eat salt unless it naturally occurs in food. So I added 1/4 Tspn of sea salt, but it made a huge difference for my taste buds. Now I find that when I usually eat foods laden with a little bit of salt, such as fries...I taste the salt in my mouth the whole day no matter how much water I drink. Does that happen to you?

This is what I also packed for lunch, in my handy dandy cooler:

Grilled chicken and Zuccinni


Un-pictured items: Raw cashews, Carrot sticks, Whey powder, Trio Bar

So here I am at Starbucks and I'm sitting across this guy who just keeps chatting up a storm. I literally kept re-reading a sentence five times before I got the concept from my book. I am a very ackward person and I often acknowledge it, but sometimes I just didn't know what to say to him. I've been trying to do my work and he's been chatting up a storm :o( but he is a very nice guy.

This is what he is making (I managed to sneak in a picture, shhhhhh) :

Voodoo dolls :o)

"I can make a replica doll of you, ooh! like a voodoo!"
"The voodoo's look like me, maybe if I add a girl on top..." (haha)
"Did you know you can download Avatar on Bit Torrent?"
"I made a book"
" I hope I become rich once I start selling my books"
"Did I ever mention I wrote a book?"
"Hey, I made a book all by myself, do you want to see it?"
"Do you know what a Grim Reaper is?"

This guy is very interesting!

Christmas break is here (or almost here, in my case) how are you going to enjoy it?

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