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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I think posting about slipping on my eating habits and exercising helped me a bit through today :o) and I am thankful for the wonderful feedback, it surely made my day/night.

I finally used my George Foreman grill this morning! I bought it on Black Friday while everyone in my family opted for laptops, clothes, and cameras. I was super excited and the whole house smelled really good. I honestly have a hard time cooking chicken with my conventional toaster oven. Either my chicken comes out:

  • Too dry
  • A little bit under-cooked
  • So over-cooked! (only because it gives me ease that it's not under-cooked)
  • It's so over cooked that one time I cut the roof of my mouth (tsk tsk!)

+ Basically rarely is my chicken ever perfect! so one day I finally got fed up and bought myself a thermo and that helped for a bit, but sometimes I'd notice little increments of pink and suddenly I lose my appetite.

+ BUT! with the George Foreman grill, it was quick and effortless...minus the cleaning. I actually didn't go to my Economics class because the thought of leaving my Foreman Grill at home unclean urks me. I chose to grill at the wrong time, which was before class to grill.

+ Lesson Learned: PLAN and make many to last at least half a week :o)

I finally went to the gym today, because I haven't gone in almost a week! I got into it pretty fast.

Elliptical: 1 hour and 5 minute cool down & Core: 45 minutes

It felt so great. While I was on the elliptical, it occured to me that stress was simply keeping me away from going to the gym. Because I figured that the thought of going to the gym with the countless of assignments due would make my experiences less enjoyable.

BUT it was the opposite. I left the gym with a feeling of euphoria, and with that mood, I felt happier to start on all of my papers. Amazingly enough I did!

+ What's even great is that after the gym I had my lunch from my cooler. I was bummed out that there wasn't any conventional microwave near by. So I ate it cold, and suprisingly it was good! I owe it all to The George for still keeping my chicken moist.

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, Asparagus, Black bean mixed with (diced tomatoes, green chiles, cucumbers, squeeze of lemon, and Mrs. Dash original blend) and brown rice.

Before class and after, I got a Grande Nonfat Cafe Latte with a Caramel Brulee syrup. (they didn't have sugar free) it was tasty!

On the tangent: It was totally random that in my Anthropology class yesterday, were discussing hemorroids. In Japan they believe that the traditional toliets that we use or sitting on our bottoms too long on a hard surface can cause it. So therefore, a good soultion to fix this is if we use holes as our dumping ground. It was interesting.

So here I am at Barnes and Noble, sitting on a bench as I type this. The hard surface isn't that comfortable so obviously my bum would hurt from sitting on it. But thinking about that lecture on hemorroids freaked me out! (TMI?) yeah I think so.

It feels so warm and nice to hear Christmas music playing at stores.

I hope you all are Swell, keep warm!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) December 3, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

You're making me crave Starbucks!!! I love our panini press. It's hard to cook stuff with because it doesn't drain and clean up stinks but sammies and quesadillas are awesome!

lesley lifting life December 3, 2009 at 5:51 PM  

I'm thankful for my George Foreman!! It comes especially handy in the winter!

I'm loving the Christmas music too! :D

Nicole Chow - HealthyChow.com December 4, 2009 at 2:32 PM  

I loved my George Foreman, too and I still do love it. But I recently got a Cuisinart Griddler, so I am using that. However, my GFG never failed me and always cooked my chicken and burgers perfectly! I love that Greek inspired dish you made. Those flavors sound so yummy together and making me wish it was summer outside! You really had a great workout and I'm so happy that you felt great while doing it. That's truly the best feeling to have. I hope you get some sleep. Have an awesome weekend!

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