Justin's Nut Butter: Chocolate Hazelnut

Monday, April 26, 2010

Is this new? If it is...I can't believe they sell this at Marshalls! I snatched the last one, lucky me. And if I find more, I might have to break into my bank. I might have to offer YOU a jar (ahem...giveaway), so cross your fingers as I journey onto finding another jar. This is going to be hard.

My gums have healed a little bit and I can eat now :o)


Lemme buy you a drankkk.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buy me a drink, because I can't eat.

I got two 2nd bi-molars extracted because my bite needs to be corrected, the numbness wore off a while ago. I am trying to eat.

ouch much?... actually no. I have a really great dentist.

I drove and got baked beans from KFC because I am too nauseous to cook.

I will be back soon. This week will be nothing but green monsters and soup...if I am willing to make it.

I hope you have a lovely Thursday, Friday, and the weekend!


ohhh, and michelle from chasingthenow is offering her readers an awesome giveaway!! check it out


Tofu Stir Fry

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy cow. I need FLOSS A-SAP! I just ate dinner and I have veggies stuck between my molars and it hurts! I need floss I need floss I need floss. Where is it?! I've been looking everywhere!! So far I've used my fork (plastic, mind you) that I will dispose of, but it is not doing the job. No durrr

I feel like once I floss the gunk out of my molars, I will give out a sigh of relief. It's almost like having your ears itch inside so much, that once you clean your ears with Q-tip... your eyes literally roll to the back of your head because it feels so good. Don't lie, you've experienced it before.  And it's not the proper way to clean your ears did you know?

Anyway, onto dinner.

I unconsciously shopped for veggies while roaming around the grocery store, I saw pretty vegetables and ooh'd and awe'd over them and put them in my basket with no back up plan. If I had any plans to use veggies for dinner...well, I simply forgot. Then I read Janetha's post about her sweet & savory tofu stir-fry that she adapted from Oxygen Magazine.

Cha-Ching! I totally have that magazine lying around in my room. Tofu Stir-Fry it is.

I chopped a whole package of extra firm tofu into cubes. Mixed the container with soy sauce, sesame oil, agave, and mesquite seasoning. shake-shake-shake...shake your booooty
Let it sit and absorb for a few minutes or so.

Lined all the cubed pieces on parchment paper and set it in the oven at 375 for 20-30 minutes.

The magazine calls for you to mix the tofu along with the veggies. But I opted to keep it seperate incase I ever wanted tofu with other things OR to eat it by itself ;o)

In a skillet, I added all of my chopped veggies.

- Chopped portobello mushroom
-Bak choy
- chopped sweet bell peppers
-red onions
-green onions
-chopped eggplant

I let it cook in the pan for about 5-7 minutes or until the onions are transparent

Then I add
-1/4 cup of vegetable broth
-1 tbsn honey (I used agave nectar)
-1 tbsn of soy sauce
-1-2 tbsn of white rice vinegar ( I had apple cider vinegar)
-1 tbsn of arrow root powder (I didn't have it on hand, but it was still delish!)
then simmer for another 3-5 minutes

While that was cooking, my tofu was done. I had baked my tofu while preparing and chopping veggies, so it was perfect timing....

....because it was time to dig in

I was pretty proud of myself, because cooking something like this would've intimidate me. The recipe on the magazine looked delicious and pretty...but it intimidated me that it wasn't going to turn out as good as it sounds. Well, it turned out good! Now I am excited to try other recipes that I've oogled over the past year.

I made another batch of this. This time the variety of vegetables were different, thats whats great about this dish. You can accomodate it to your liking.

oh, and winner of cuisinart ice cream maker is Daniel, who said he'd make vanilla with a hint of coconut and lime. Sounds good to me. Email me yo numba! address. Angelalovesfood [at] Gmail [dot] com

It's 11:11! I wish that I can find floss asap. I still need floss dammit!

What do you wish for?


Vietnamese cuisine: Pho

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello there! how are you?

I am starving! it's that kind of starving where your mouth drys a bit...oh, maybe perhaps I need to drink water. I haven't done that at all this morning.

okay, well anyways, you have til tonight to enter for the cuisinart ice cream maker. I'll be picking winners tomorrow.

A few days ago, I went to one of my favorite Pho resturant: Pho Ca Dao. I realized for the longest time that I have been pronouncing it wrong! and it's hard to break the habit.

I used to think it was called (pha-ka-dow) along with the rest of everyone! but it is actually (Pha-ka-yow)
Oh how I hate silent letters! but I digress.

We started with egg rolls. I haven't had eggrolls in a long time, so it was just what I imagined it to be.
hot, crunchy, slightly salty, and savory.

The batter was perfect. Not soggy at all.

Combining the lettuce and pickled carrots made eating the egg roll much filling.
It also made me feel a bit 'healthy' that I was combining greens to something fried and probably unhealthy.
I don't think that's the case, but it helps. :o)

 I got to sit next to the window. In the past, this seat was where I always wanted to sit at. Primarily for the "view". I think they should start adding exotic flowers in my opinion!

Then my bowl came!
#17- Beef noodle soup with cooked and rare steak.
mmmm, the broth is hot enough to slightly cook the rare steak.

yikes! now I am hungry!!!!

Sorry for the lame post, BUT I am going to eat a PB&J sandwich and dink a protein shake. Starving!!!

What ethnic cuisines do you enjoy? Also, what is your ethnic background, do you have any favorite dishes from your culture?


Black Bean Soupppp!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello there, how are you this Friday? Don't forget to enter the cuisinart giveaway. It ends this Monday.

Hello, I have been living like it's vacation mode and not school mode. 5 weeks of school and I already lost my motivation! not good. But I need to keep pushing harder because 5 weeks of class is going to fly by pretty fast, and up to this point I can't afford to bomb!

Breakfast was the same...yet different. Not only have I been lazy about school, but also with breakfast. Last night I was lazy to chop bananas. Pathetic, I know...but I didn't want to wash any silverware, so I added Jello Sugar Free Chocolate-Pudding Mix to my overnight oats and even stuck the spoon in there overnight!....because I was too lazy to wash that too, ha.

- 1/3 old fashioned oats
-1 Tbsn Chia Seeds
-8 oz Almond milk
-1 Tbsn SF chocolate-pudding mix

It was...well...very pudding like AND delicious. I was slightly suprised that I didn't need to add stevia to it, the sweetness was subtle.
The consistency was much smoother and thicker with the pudding mix, and I LIKE it. I will definately repeat it tomorrow with CHEESECAKE pudding mix!

* Please turn your head counter-clockwise

A Green Shake for breakfast as well.

-1 cup of frozen spinach
-1 cup of Almond Milk
-1 scoop of ALIVE! powder in Vanilla

My breakfast required very little chewing.

New Coffee: Godiva Chocolate Truffle....

You may be thinking to yourself  how this coffee sounds like such a treat, but that wasn't the case for me. I think Godiva needs to stick to making chocolate and not coffee! I did not like it for some reason, the taste threw me off.

I loved how dark and aromatic their grounds were, but it was not the case after it brewed. I'm weird. For now, I just need to stick to the Target Brand: Archers Farm in S'mores. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Since we have a coffee-maker in the office, perhaps my co-workers might enjoy it. That works.

Black Bean Soup---

This morning I woke up to Black Beans that have been slow cooked for an eight hour period on low.
It smelled fantastic, similar to bbq'd baked beans.

Last night I added:

-2 cups of veggie stock
-2 cups of water
-Generous sprinkling of Mesquite seasoning (the reason behind the mouth watering aroma)
-Ground pepper
-Cayenne Pepper

Slow cook for 8 hours

Then I chopped some more veggies and cooked them over a stove top

-Cherry tomatos
-Red onions
-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green sweet bell peppers
-Serrano Peppers (chooped along with the seeds!)
-White sweet corn (not pictured)
-Okra (not pictured)

I sauteed them in olive oil and added ground pepper, sea salt, and mesquite seasoning.

This seasoning smells soooo amazing if you love bbq! If I became a vegetarian and I sprinkled this in my food, my brain would be tricked to believing I was eating BBQ ribs!

cook it until the veggies are sweaty and soft.

Then I dump em' back in the slow cooker and let it slow cook for another hour.

For lunch I pureed my soup in a blender aaaand it was fantastic (sorry no picture). I was suprised at how much it filled me up It was really spicy with a kick, and the corn/black bean mellowed everything out. I will definately make this again and change up the variety of veggies next time.

Let me introduce you to a new member of the family...


I nearly bawled laughing when my sister announced we have a new dog, and in walks a little chihuahua in her slutty dress...(I'm not sure what breed she is)

I think she is a little timid, she hasn't even barked or eat yet :o(
Right now is is sitting on my lap and getting used to me.

Do you have any favorite soup combinations or recipes?
- I would like to start making soup more, especially with the slow cooker!


Imagination of the lunch bag

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well I've been looking in my  Barney lunch bag

And I've found a lot of things...gizmos and gadgets and odds and ends...and even some old strings!
kombucha and sandwiches and salads...and even a some swordfish!

So lets ask ourselves the question "What can we make today?"
with the imagination of the Barney lunch bag
We'll see what we can make today

YEAH! look at what I made today

I might have failed atthat one, but do you have any old favorites?? Remember Banana in Pajamas? HA!

I remember everytime the bears ate their honey biscuits, it always made me hungry for KFC biscuits or Church's chicken biscuits. mmmmm

Don't forget to enter the Cuisinart giveaway plenty of time.

And you have til 4/16 to enter Averies chocolate giveaway!!! hurrrrrryyyyyyyy

and I also added a new video on my about me page, hah, very silly. But it was from ~4 years ago


Breakfast should be fun and slooooow--VONO

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GLEE is tonight! HALLELUJAH!

I was squealing inside yesterday when I realized Glee was only less than 24 hours away. Gleeks have waited forever for this night to come and it's finally here. I even made myself anxious at one point, because I bottled up so much excitement that I was afraid of getting the post-blues after the episode is over. Much like post-wedding blues.

For the past two day's I have been eating Vegan Over-Night Oats [VONO] and it. is. Da Bomb!!!

I was never a fan of over night oats. I have tried it over the past twice and it grossed me out for some reason? So I would end up microwaving it and I just declared that I would always prefer my breakfast cereal hot.

But [enter] chia seeds and it somehow made my ONO much more refreshing and dessert like. Oh what difference chia seeds make!

With TJ Crunchy Almond Butter w/ Flax and SF Smuckers Blackberry Jam

-1/3 old fashioned oats
-1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
- one packet of stevia
-1/3 smashed banana
-1 tbsn chia seeds

stir AND store!

For the first time in a while, I got to eat my breakfast at home. The majority of the time, I eat my breakfast in my car on the way to school. Which takes me approx ~15 minutes

For the first time I ate with this cute little condiment spoon that I found at Crate and Barrell. I've been wanting one ever since I've seen Kath eat her breakfasts with it. ohhhh, I am a consumer-formist at worst.
But it made the process of eating breakfast much more enjoyable and slow ~25 to 30 minutes, the way it should be.

With hot smores coffeeeeee! yum

GLEE is on RIGHT NOW! but I am actually going to stop at WF's so I can buy Living Harvest's Hemp-Tempt Ice Cream, ha. I wait for SOOO LONG to watch Glee and when it finally airs I put it on halt to buy ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream......

Did you enter my CUISINART GIVEAWAY? there is plenty of time and chances to win!

What do you like to top on your oatmeal?

- I love any nut butter and pumpkin. If I could, I would top my oats with tons of chocolate, but excess sugar in the morning is bad for a girl like me. It involves a horrible sugar crash. I missed class one time because I had a carrot cake and crashed on the couch for FOUR HOURS! and I was still lethargic after. Perhaps that is a good thing? because that means I tend to stay away from it when I can.


The perfect treat for Spring/Summer--GIVEAWAY!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't know about you, but I think ice cream is perfect for any season, and that includes winter alright? Well, the fabulous people behind home bars generously offered to giveaway something amazing for you lucky reader..oh so jealous!

bring out your unhabituated side and create the ice cream of your dreams with the Cuisinart automatic frozen yogurt, ice cream, & sorbet maker from their csn store.

***To enter***

1) Tell me what kind of ice cream you'd make with this cuisinart (go crazy!)

***********Additional Entries************
Unlimited entries if you...

2) For each time you mention this giveaway on your post (provide the link) it counts as extra entries. You can even mention this giveaway once a day for up to a week (7 entries!) til I announce the winners! to increase your chances of winning.

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4) Add me to your blogroll

oooh the possibilties. seriously. you can concoct the healthiest ice cream ever...or choose to add bacon and alcohol to your mixture! it's endless.


Now on to lunch!

It has been two hours since I last had lunch, and I still feel so full and satisfied. I am so glad I didn't oblige my urge to go to CPK and buy myself a whole pizza, because obviously I would've ate the entire thing...I can attest to that.

Last night I went shopping for produce so that I can incorporate more greens into my diet. I was intimidated and unwillingly shopping around (that's the first) in the veggie/fruit section. For reasons I can think of, I was hesitant because:

1) I hate washing fruits and veggies. I'd rather it buy pre-washed and chopped, but that is already costly.

2) I think some veggies are wayyy over-priced. One piece of avocado for $2? yeah right! --The thing that boggles me is that San Diego grows 80% of the nations avocados...so I don't understand it when I see avocados in stores that were shipped from Mexico or South America...what up with dat?!

3) I dislike preparing/cutting veggies. Mainly because I am a germaphobe when it comes to the kitchen. My grandpa coughs and sneezes everywhere without covering his mouth. pet-peeve.

4) I have the worry of not using the produce, thus letting it spoil and waste away $$

Those are my tidbits, and to tell you the truth... I somehow developed cold-feet and almost made a dash out the store! but after some convincing... I decided to suck it up. I knew I'd need it later if not now.

I came home and prepared and chopped away! Which helped in adding color to today's lunch.

with grilled chicken.

Greens: Spring Mix & Spinach! along with cherry tomatos, radishes, red onions.
aaaand wait...some new items I decided to try. Jicama, serrano peppers, and fennel.

I squealed when I saw jicama at WF, because I can finally recreate the white corn gucamole I had at CPK. I thought I'd be having a tough time finding it, but it was under my nose the whole time. I just never actually looked hard enough.

Serrano pepper, you sure resemble a jalapeno pepper. Hope you aren't as hot.

playing with fire...muhahah.

okay, now you're starting to look very edible. I was a bit worried there.

I think I better de-seed you Serrano. I had developed a big head last time and thought I could handle the heat, so decided not to de-seed your cousin jalapeno.

 I cried like a baby and drank a whole carton of almond milk. Well, this time I don't have almond milk...better safe than sorry.

Corn torilla from my cooler, which explains the zipboc. Newmans reduced fat italian dressing, and it was my first time being aware of how faboosh! (ha) the dressing was. yum.

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