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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you a morning show listener?

I love listening to my favorite morning show because the team is dynamic and real, they are also really funny. Is it weird to say that I often feel wise everytime I give it a listen? They are really opinionated and they are not afraid to say what they are thinking, I love that!

Here you have a conservative aaand a hardcore liberal and it's so funny when they butt heads.
Anyway they had an event yesterday and it was so weird seeing them in person after listening for more than two years!

After that, I was hungry.

Got a combo of 12 rolls. It had to be the most unhealthiest kind.

Eel, imitation crab, shrimp tempora, spicy tuna, raw fish.

I cleaned the plate. Bad mistake. I was full after 6 rolls, but forced myself to eat the rest and fell in the state of a food coma.

Dude in front of me got a Chicken Karrage, battered chicken. I had a bite and it was gewd!

Chick to my left for teriyaki chicken and a rainbow roll. A little over $10!

I am diggin' this sushi place and forgot how much I loved it because it is SO affordable!

Can I share something with you? yes? well, it's music. Amazing music that will feed your soul.

I am in love with his lyrics/sound/everything and I think you should give it a listen, especially Tangled Up.
Give it a listen here.

Now I just need to find a boy who would sing this for me, haha :o) Definately a drive in your car with the hood down crusing down the beach laughing smiling enjoying company music. awwwh, head over heels with it.
I love it!

If you were to pick out a soundtrack of your life, what music would it consist of?


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