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Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's weather couldn't be anymore perfect for Memorial day! I don't know about you, but I think if anyone were to plan their wedding, Memorial day would be the right date. It seems to always call for the perfect weather here in San Diego and is one of the most busiest day to hit up the beach. Poor beach guards, that must be a stressful day for them.

But for us pool guards, it was sort of dead, we had more people than I expected. I predicted 2-3 since it was a grand re-opening, but we actually had ~8-10 people.

On perfect days like this, I get reminded of why my job rocks, because I get to work outdoors and soak up some Vitamin D!

Let's rewind baaaack to yesterday. It was very relaxing, I got errands done, went to church, and had breakfast for dinner afterwards.

Looking for a place always seems to be the trouble after church, there are so many options but it's hard to make up your mind, especially when you don't know what you're craving. I knew I just wanted a complete balanced meal with protein + carbs and nothing heavy.

Last minute the BFF and I decided to go to Studio Diner, if you've seen DDD from the Food Network, Guy Fieri raved and drooled about this place (like he does every other diner), so glad it's right up our alley.

Ash ordered Mozz stix as a starter, it looked ggggoooood.
The sauce looked yummy, too bad I didn't try it! I just loved how it looked homemade vs. straight from the can. You can see the chunks of tomatos and herbs. yum.

Finally our meal came, prior to ordering I had asked the waitress to omit the butter and after a slight confusion on my part (I get confused or I don't fully hear) I forgot to tell her to switch the cheese from cheddar to feta. oh darn. Do you get a few brain farts when it comes to customizing your meals? I repeatly remind myself before hand, but seem to always forget this and that.

Still good anyway :o) I ordered a veggie omelete that consisted of Broccoli, Mushrooms, Tomato, Spinach, and Cheese.

I also asked for jalapenos on the side, turns out they were fresh peppers and they did not de-seed them. I had a horrible experience in the past where I did not de-seed a jalapeno pepper, AND that did not turn out well. I was scarred.

But I ate it anyway

I had a fun time at studio diner, and want to definately go back again and try something new.

Today at work I snacked on a peanut butter sandwich with arnold thins

After a bite, it was missing something...I'm so glad I packed strawberry jam...you know, just in case.

I took a couple of these packets fromt he diner because I also got an english muffin on the side with my omelete, but it already had butter smeared on it :o( I would've saved it for the next day too. oh well.

Perrrrfect size for dipping measures, I'm a food breaker at heart.

I ate as I watched my co-worker Jeff swim laps.

 He's a beast, he's like Bear Grylls and Lance Armstrong in one. He's either doing something cardio related or growing tomatoes. Just epic.

He brought a banana to work. resemblance?

A little bit? just a little...?

Anyway, I digress, but words of wisdom from Jeff stuck with me today. That moment came when I was whining about how bored I was (I was going mad), Jeff simply just responded with "really? when I get bored I do something"

 I didn't know what to say because I was caught off guard, he was dead on right. The answer is obviously...obvious, but I never put those words into action. The action of doing nothing pretty much sums up my life ever since school was out! First of all, the fact that all I had to complain about was how bored I was...consider that a blessing. But it made me think about how much time I've wasted in the past week all because I did nothing.

It's a sign because yesterday I felt useless and unmotivated because I realized (I always realize things at church) that I have qualities that are not put to use (and maybe because I napped most of the time yesterday!), but maaaaybe...just maybe I can make a difference in something, whatever it may be. That I will have to figure out.

As much as I would like to watch re-runs of Glee or nap during the day, I want to make something count in my life, maybe that's why I feel like something is missing in my life...thanks for igniting the bulb. oh the simple moments in life :o)

DO Something should be the mantra.

I'm going to start by going to the gym and working on cardio + legs.
work in process!


re-introducing the good stuff in my life...again

Friday, May 28, 2010

With school out I no longer have the excuse to say that I don't have the time to workout, because I have plenty of time, I have waaaay too much time on my hands it's ridic. But as of late I've put exercise in the back burner, when school was in session, it was understandable that education had to come first on my list. Thus, I was used to not making time to squeeze a work-out in and just lounge around, the guilt of not staying fit subsided. I need to re-introduce the habit of going to the gym, because my passion for it has dwindled down to the ground. Now, I would rather eat a burrito than lift weight. ooopph! not a good sign!

This morning I woke up extremely late, 12:30 p.m. I need to work on that (how embarrassing right?), I missed the most important part of the day, which was breakfast...

"breakfast? lunch? snack?..." maaaybe brunch....brunch it is!

By mixing in pizza in the form of an omelete, it's a win-win! (by the way have you seen Letters to Juliet? cute movie).

I've just been reminded by looking at this picture that I need to make it again, and you need to make it as well! It was mar-va-lous!

Well first of all, I need to explain how the process works, but I think you got it all figured out..I'll explain anyway.

+ Crack open 4-5 egg whites (I used four, but next time I'll opt for five for more protein staying power)
+ Add 1 Tbsn of water and whisk it (for fluffing purposes, don't be afraid)

Then you pour it over a pan and cook it both sides. Once you have flipped the omelete with the cooked/firm side facing up, then you add your ingredients.

+ Add tomato sauce (I used hunts which was infused with oregano and spices, def made a difference!)
You can add your own spices as well.

Then top off your pizza anyway you like. I used almond mozzarella cheese, green bell peppers, and beefless tips. Instead of almond cheese, you can choose from ricotta cheese, pepper jack cheese, vegan cheese, chedder...the list goes on. Same for veggies and meat!

yummmm, next time I am going to add chile flakes for heat.

Then I went to Costco and bought Broccoli and Spinach. I've been on a broccoli kick lately, I love it roasted. I also needed spinach for green monsters.

Later on, I wanted to go to the gym, but I took a nap instead. ahhh, see what I mean about putting workout last? and why did I need more sleep?! I already had ten hours. oh I am ashamed, baaad.

Anyway, in order to make up my lack of veggie intake for these pass couple of weeks (I haven't had mexican ood in three days! I think I beat that habit. Knock on wood!) I bought a sh*tload of fiberific greens.

This was the first time I bought a whole cabbage from the fresh produce aisle, it was definately more volumous for the price of .88 cents vs. buying it from the bag at $2.

I mixed approx 2 Tbsn of coconut oil with 4 packets of stevia and tons of cinnamon and drizzled it all over my cabbage. Then I folded in the mixture til everything was evenly coated.

Then off in the oven it went at 400 for 30 minutes, stirring halfway.

I was hoping I'd come out crispy, but it came out looking more sauteed. So next time, I would save the energy by stir-frying it on the stove for 5 minutes rather than waiting 30 minutes to get the same results.

My new obsession: roasted broccoli. Roasted at 400 for 30 minutes. I am in love.

I am also in love with this picture from California adventures.

"oh dearrrr, don't drop my camera, dear god, please don't drop my camera"

oh my, I look horrific.
Time to go to the gym, I hope.

What is your favorite veggie to roast? I find that if I am buying a new vegeatble that I've never tried before, the first thing I'd rather do is roast em' and it usually comes out great, except for eggplants which I need to work on.


many many days of damage

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In all honestly, I had consumed six or seven mexican food in one week! What happened Angela? Have you gone completely nutzo? and to top it off, I haven't been to the gym consistently. Oh boy, I am just killing myself slowly.

Whilst uploading these photos to my computer and thus remembering many things I ate that were un-pictured, it's no woner my jeans have been feeling tight and I have just been feeling crappy.

Let's start! shall we?

This smells so amazing, it makes me want to lick myself silly

These hemp seeds are delicious! nutty and buttery, sort of like pine nuts.

I was in a veggie eating mode, that is...until I got SICK! which was three weeks ago. At that point, veggies were no longer in my diet. I re-introduced myself to lots of bad carbs and junk.

Butter nut crusted parnips, sooooo freaking good.

I didn't eat meat for two weeks, but then I broke that by eating this quesadilla.

One of the many many many mexican fast food I''ve eaten for the past two weeks! :o(
It was a hard habit to break...which was to stop eating mexican. I forgot how much I love it, then I remembered why I ignore it so much. It's addicting and good.

But not so good with the heart, I did cardio and could hardly breathe.
Reality check?...no not so much, I continued eating away!

sugar sugar sugar.
One of the most saltiest philly cheese steaks I've had. It made me thirsty all night and all morning the next day.

+ 4-5 burritos
+ ~3-4 quesadilla
+ In-N-Out burger
+fast fooooood
...and many more hazardous thigns to my health.

oh, and saving the best for last

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter. The Chocolate Peanut butter is amazing! So I can't wait to break into it.

Oh I love this dog so much.


Cinco De Mayo

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello blog, I haven't wrote in here forever. Those last two entries did not count, I think.

The last time I wrote here I was sick. I am still not 100%...maybe 90% or lower. I developed a big head and was positive that I would be healthy again within that week but it got worst and worst. Also what contributed to me being sick longer than expected was because I did not take any medication AT ALL! When it comes to medication, I try to avoid it at any possible cost. I have nothing against modern medicine, but I just prefer to have my body fight itself back to normal without any of that stuff. If worst comes to worst, then I'd have no problem taking it. So far it's just vitamin C for me!

Confession: I haven't been eating great the past week, but am I going to negatively talk myself into shame? no, life goes on. Maybe this is progress for me, because in the past I would beat myself up so much, but I realized now that it is just a waste of time. Now, I cry for about a minute and that's it. :o)

I started noticing how much I crave carbs more than anything when I am sick. Do you crave anything out of your norm when you are sick?

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, we celebrated at El Toritos. El Torito is definately not a health-friendly restaurant. I should've gotten a salad and regretted it after.

Their chips and salsa is amazing, I can never tame myself when it comes to it! I was to the point of fullness before our entree arrived.

 Sandy and Ashley are not food bloggers, I believe they just like taking pictures of their food. Just because.

I got a delicious beef quesadilla. I had one piece of quesidilla, small serving of corn cake, and ate the whole guacamole.

Confession: I attempted to go vegetarian, and I semi-succeeded (had a piece of salmon) the first two weeks. After three days, my craving for meat dwindled down dramatically. I felt so light and full of clarity because I ate more vegetables than ever before.
But I decided to eat meat at El Torito, just because. "Just because" is a poor excuse, but at the point of starting a vegetarian diet, I had no reason to really why I decided to take on that challenge. So if I ever did slip up, I have no reason to get mad at myself!

After I ate 1/3 of the quesadilla, I felt so yucky though!

Over the week, I picked up The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone enjoyed reading her reasons for living a vegan lifestyle, the info behind it, and the benefits. I am hoping to grab her book off the shelf to read for myself in the pleasure of my own bed.

For now, I am slowly starting to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet, but I wouldn't label myself anything just yet!

Later on in the night, Ashley and I decided to have fun and chase rabbits. So random I know, but I love having a friend who is willing to do anything random and weird with me. Boy! those rabbits are super fast. I think we spent at least 15 minutes chasing rabbits. Taking funny pictures around campus and hiding from the custodians!

I've known her for 6 years!

Then it was my first time going to a bar. It was fun!

We ended up asking random people if they can sound like Chewbacca. I don't know why, but it's so funny!
Then we met an actual artist who worked for Lucas Film and he ended up drawing Yoda on my recipt.

He drew Yoda and I drew a picture of him on top. I think I made him look scary than he actually looked, but it was close! that was a cigarette hanging on his mouth by the way, ha. Pretty good for someone who wasn't 100% if you know what I mean.

Jeremy believes he can do more push-ups than me. I didn't think so, so we made a bet that if he does more push-ups, I would oblige to buy him a california burrito. I don't know what I would get in return though any ideas?

I ended up doing 30 push ups at the bar, I need to learn to lower my booty though. Work in progess.

Cinco De Mayo ended up being such a naughty nutrition day for me, I digress.

 What random things do you like to do with your friends?

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