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Thursday, May 27, 2010

In all honestly, I had consumed six or seven mexican food in one week! What happened Angela? Have you gone completely nutzo? and to top it off, I haven't been to the gym consistently. Oh boy, I am just killing myself slowly.

Whilst uploading these photos to my computer and thus remembering many things I ate that were un-pictured, it's no woner my jeans have been feeling tight and I have just been feeling crappy.

Let's start! shall we?

This smells so amazing, it makes me want to lick myself silly

These hemp seeds are delicious! nutty and buttery, sort of like pine nuts.

I was in a veggie eating mode, that is...until I got SICK! which was three weeks ago. At that point, veggies were no longer in my diet. I re-introduced myself to lots of bad carbs and junk.

Butter nut crusted parnips, sooooo freaking good.

I didn't eat meat for two weeks, but then I broke that by eating this quesadilla.

One of the many many many mexican fast food I''ve eaten for the past two weeks! :o(
It was a hard habit to break...which was to stop eating mexican. I forgot how much I love it, then I remembered why I ignore it so much. It's addicting and good.

But not so good with the heart, I did cardio and could hardly breathe.
Reality check? not so much, I continued eating away!

sugar sugar sugar.
One of the most saltiest philly cheese steaks I've had. It made me thirsty all night and all morning the next day.

+ 4-5 burritos
+ ~3-4 quesadilla
+ In-N-Out burger
+fast fooooood
...and many more hazardous thigns to my health.

oh, and saving the best for last

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter. The Chocolate Peanut butter is amazing! So I can't wait to break into it.

Oh I love this dog so much.


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