Protein Pancakes to Go!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last night I had to babysit the little sister, so I decided to just crash at my moms house since work would be a closer drive. I decided to pack my lunch since the only thing my mom has here are microwavable goods junk.

I decided I wanted pancakes for breakfast in the morning, I packed my own 'Protein Pancake Mix' to go in a zipbloc baggie.


1/3 cup Oats
1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein
1 packet of NOW French Vanilla Stevia
1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Shredded Coconut
Several Chocolate Chips
Pumpkin Spice

Added 3 egg whites to the mix!

 Topped it off with Nanananana'ers and blackberries
and also Earth Balance butter.

You can see the Chocolate oozing out, my favorite part :o)

After my amazing breakfast I headed to work and a swimmer brought in pizza to show his appreciation. I decided to have one small slice because it was from a 'mom and pop' joint. I wanted to taste this towns goodness, if it was any other pizza like Domino's, I would've just alas say "nay". It was yummy!

The tomato(e)? was really chunky, just the way it should be.
All of the guards were lounging around eating pizza while the swimmers swam.
There were four boxes of pizza, so we shared the left-overs (plenty) with the divers and workers.
(we work at a submarine base).

Fed my addiction and got a Venti Soy Caffe Misto w/ Pumpkin Spice.
I am Lactose-Intolerant, but I still drink milk anyway. This past week, I've been getting horrible stomach cramps because I've been buying coffee with milk and I wanted to have a good day at work, so I got the soy.

Snacked on Kombacha.

Read my favorite health and fitness magazine! you can see the next baking project I'll be working on. I'm deciding to give it away as baked Christmas gifts.

Today was a great day overall, it was sunny and warm. I decided to swim for 30 minutes to get rid of my 4x4 band-aid tan on my tummy! but it's still there :o(

Wore the Santa Hat all day at work.

If you know what thing ring means, currently it's upside down.

Christmas is almost near! What are you looking forward to eating or baking?


Paula December 18, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

Goodness! it's sunny and you're swimming...lucky. Great job packing the pancakes with you. I might just snag your recipe ;) Tosca Reno is one of my favorites. Have you read her books? My favorite cook book is her Eat Clean cook book. She even has a new on that I still want to get. Is that cookie recipe in the Oxygen mag?

maria December 19, 2009 at 4:25 AM  

Those pancakes look GREAT! Love that you packed your own food so you could still eat healthy. :)

Nicci@NiftyEats December 19, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

Love the pancakes. Mom and Pop joints are the best places to find hidden treasures of great eats.

Erica December 19, 2009 at 2:36 PM  

I love that you wore a santa hat all day- how fun. Hooray for more pumpkin spice goodness. I might get some tonight before we head out to our Christmas party ;). Great job on the pancakes. I always pack when I know there will only be junk I don't want! What am I most looking forward to eating? Hmmm I guess more drinking- hot cocoa with some whipped cream :)

Michelle December 23, 2009 at 7:53 AM  

Angela you are too cute!!!! I was just going through your old posts to find out more about you and am LOVING (seriously LOVING) everything you make and eat and do!!! Im a huge pancake/waffle kinda girl, so that breakfast totally filled up my little soul! hahaha

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