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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Monday! The weekend flew by fast (except during work). Let me fill you in on what happened during the weekend.

I got the chance to pair up with the generous and kind people at CSN, and if you have a chance take a look at their website. My favorite store out of their 200+ shopping sites is Cookware. Ever since I became a foodie, kitchen gadgets became something that I needed and wanted to have! (maybe once I get my own place it'd be kitchen gadget galore :o)

Also, once I became a food snob foodie, I can't help but eat in cute bowls and plates (for picture purposes and the asthetic pleasure :o) which is why I have been awe-ing over the plates from Corelle. Check it out!


Friday I was invited by Ashley to attended our friends sister debut. It was her 18th birthday that came with a lavish celebration. Unfortunately I had work until 7pm that day when the reception started at 6, but by luck my boss approached me and randomly asked if I wanted to go home at 4:30 pm. I happily said YES!

After work I headed to Erica's house (on right) where she did Ashley's (left) make-up and hair. To save time, I did my make-up at work and changed at Erica's house. Erica was nice enough to curl my hair with a hair straightner.


Ready to PAR-TAY!

When we arrived, about 20% of everyone was there. Someone had said that it was typical for Filipinos to arrive late, "Filipino Time" if you will.

I was starving and there was a snack table for the guests to enjoy. It curbed my hunger throughout the ceremony and until dinner was served.

On my plate had pineapple, grapes, watermelon, and jicama, various cheese cubes and finger food.

Our table: Bikini Bottom.

After the introduction of the birthday girl and her group of friends "18 roses and candles" and grand-father and grand-daughter dance. It was time to eat! Buffet style.

I ate about 25% of what was on my plate, I guess the snack platter really did satisfy my hunger.

Group picture with birthday girl in the center.
The real party didn't start until everyone got to dance! It was such a fun night, although it wasn't fun to get up early in the morning for work. ha!

Saturday was also another Birthday celebration that ended up in Downtown at the Yardhouse. The only thing horrible about downtown during the weekend (especially Friday and Saturday) is parking, it took us approximately 20-30 minutes to find parking and walk to the venue. Boo!


I ordered the Blue Crab Cake Hogie. It was delicious. The Fries were thin and stringy, and were so addicting to eat. Thinner cut fries = good crunchy texture.

We mingled and had interesting conversations and called it a night! Again, I had work the next day and was tired!

For work the next morning I prepared a salad.

In my salad: Arugula, beets, avocado, purple onions, green onions, and danish feta. It was delicious!

I also found a Flowering Kale at the market, I am such a dork because when I spotted it in the produce section I was in awe and couldn't help but admire it. Any suggestions on what I should make? Possibly a Purple Monster (Purple kale, almond milk, and frozen banana)?

Today I am figuring our what to do with my flowering kale and seeing Day and Knight at the movies.
I also had leftovers from the Yardhouse along with red potatoes that I roasted this morning at 450 for 40 minutes.

I added green onions and purple onions. I will never make that combo again, the purple and green onions didn't mesh well flavor wise and made me nauseous. So I just ended up eating the rest of the potatoes and sandwich.


What flavor combination have you failed with?

- Today I learned that potatoes don't go well with purple and green onions alone. But then again, doesn't a potato salad contain two of those things?

Anyway, gotta go get ready!

Have a great Monday.


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