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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I just had a snack, and usually when one hears the word "snack", it's probably safe to assume that the majority would think it's something like special k bars or some carrot sticks, yaaa know what I meeean?

No, skip the special k. I am trying to get back in the habit of incorporating six small meals a day, combining both good carbs and protein. A cereal bar really doesn't justify itself as a small meal.

After work I was hungry. Snack #2 of this evening.

Almost burnt Bagel Thins with Eggs. I cracked four. FOUR eggs. Three egg whites and one egg with green onions, black pepper, and fish sauce. Yeah, I'm not insane.

I didn't want to do the scrambled thing, because my favorite part of an egg is the whole yolk. Untouched. Unbroken.

 I love the texture, it's sooo good. I saved that part for last. I also squirted Sriracha. I cried and drank a whole 16oz bottle of water, that didn't seem to help at all. My tongue was burning. I didn't learn my lesson after I finished my water. Doh!

At work I hopped on the StairMaster at interval, level 8, for 40 minutes. Cool down on the elliptical for 5 minutes and swam for 5 minutes. Ate lunch. Guarded. Then lifted weights. Today was tris and back.

For lunch, I packed a salad complete with fix-ins. Underneath it all: spinach, purple onions green onions, beets, radish, avocado, and danish feta. So good! With both feta and avocado, I don't really need dressing at all. I packed two containers of salad, so I am looking forward to dinner.

With my salad, I had a side of a vegan black bean burger. With the vbbb, it made the lunch complete :o) soooo goooood.

Note: I had one for lunch, not five! :oP

 I adapted the recipe from The Front Burner. Honestly, the only thing that took me so long to make these (after bookmarking it for a while) was because of grating carrots...and possibly because the recipe list looked intimidating. But in hindsight, they're just spices. Or maybe I'm just lazy. But after realizing that I can grate my carrots with the magic bullet and knowing that I can buy spices in bulk and not have to pay a $hitload of $$, then I was good.

I love how my cow dog loves to sit on my lap when she sees me. The only reason why I love it so much is because she's been neglecting me. B-word. Cow dog has been giving all the attention to my mom. Only because my mom feeds this cow dog everything. I remind my mom to not, I repeat, NOT give this cow dog chocolate. Only because my mom is really obtuse when it comes to things like this.

She scared me the other day because she poked a black widow. wth! I yelped and told her to stop before it bit her. She was like "what's a black widow?". Uhhm, well something that can KILL you! women! that night I left her house fearing the saftey of her and cow dog.

One time we went to Target, and a policy they have is that they don't allow pets. This is a conversation:

mom: They don't allow dogs inside, hide her in your bag or just tell them that she's a service dog.

me: (my dry sense of humor) Yeah, she's a chiuahua in a dress. She totally looks like a service dog.

mom: What's a service dog?

me: .....

mom: What's a service dog? Angela, what's a service dog. huh? oh! pretty purse.

Anywho. Here's my booch fermenting its magical goodness.

This morning, a baby scoby was forming and there were more bubbles. I heard bubbles are a good thing during the fermentation process.

Just getting the point across.

Listening to Taylor Swift- Mine, on repeat. Gotta learn the lyrics. Also the new Bruno Mars song- Just the way you are is sooo cute. awh :o)


Ashlei August 10, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

You're making kombucha!!! :)

joven August 13, 2010 at 7:10 AM  

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

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