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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's so hot right now in my household! Holy cow, I am sweating bullets and it doesn't help that I am eating some hot curry on a hot summer day. I am on a tight least til payday! but I the only thing I had on hand was a meal replacement drink which is for emergencies. It wasn't an emergency just yet.

I had to get up at work at 5 in the morning with only five hours of sleep, after I came home to my moms house, I crashed hard! I took a 2 and a half hour power nap. The extra zzzz definately got my creative mind juice flowing.

I looked around the kitchen for something I can just pop in the mircowave. nada! ziltch...Then I saw that I left a bag of dried barley I bought a month ago and curry powder. Perhaps curry infused barley?

I scoured the freezer, I spotted one salmon patty that I left many many months ago. I wasn't feeling it, but it wasn't the time to be picky. I was huuuungggrrrrry! oh but then I remember I left some TJ's Meatless Italian Sausages, I had two links left. Cool, something I can work with.

And I also left a big ass bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables that I bought from Costco many months ago too.

I seem to always leave stuff at my moms house.

I just threw everything together and create a curried stir-fry dish, nothing technical...just easy. The barley went in the rice cooker, thank goodness for a rice cooker because I don't think I can moniter any grains on the stove top.

I was my first time trying barley just by itself. wow, I love the texture, it's so soft and fluffy.

"It's so FLUFFFY!"

What I had on hand:

Frozen Veggies included: Broccoli, water chestnuts, carrots, sugar snap peas, shitake mushroom, corn, green beans, green bell peppers, and yellow onion. Amazing! (3-4 cups)

- Olive oil (2 tbsn)
- Salt and Pepper
- Fish sauce (yeah I know, ~ 1/2 tbsn)
- Chili paste (1 tbsn)
- Fresh ginger chopped (~1 tspn)
- Two cloves of garlic
- Lime juice (~1 tbsn)
- Coconut milk (small can, 6 oz)
- Curry powder (3 tbsn, I know)
- TJ's Sausage links
- Sriracha (1 tbsn)

I simmered everything together, soooo good. My tongue was burning, thus, I was sweating. Now I am looking forward to chopped fruit that I prepared earlier that is currently in the freezer! The container is frosted :o)

I seem to always enjoy cold things served in cold platters, cups etc. Cold beer in a cold cup, yes.  Fruit in a chilled bowl, yes.

In my cold container: Red grapefruit, yellow peaches, black plums, and cactus flower. yuuum. Tastes like summer.


Anonymous August 19, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

I like random stir-fry or curries too! it's simple and always delicious!!!~~~ :)
oh... barley... I need to get some!

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