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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a glorious Saturday, the weather was so nice today. From yesterdays post, I complained about my throbbing toe. You see...I stepped on a toothpick Thursday morning, now that it is Saturday (two days pass) it still hurt!

I made myself a plan to see the nurse at school on Monday, but I couldn't wait another two days. I made it mandatory to go to the emergency room after work.

But I guess getting a sandwich was much more important? and maybe watching an episode of Jersey Shore?

I stopped by Con Pane located in Point Loma after work, and requested a seasoned roast beef sandwich sans mayo, and add avocado on a multi-grain. Pretty epic.

- It included: roast beef, thinly sliced red onions, lettuce, roma tomatoes, avocado, and goat cheese. I don't like goat cheese, but the flavor combination worked so well together. I also loved how they used large chunks of fresh avocados.

-Their bread was fan-freaking-tastic. It contained so many seeds, and from what I noticed, the following are: sunflower seeds, flax, millet, and sesame. It was doughy and soft, yet it held my sandwich nicely.

I meant to eat half, but I ate the whole thing. Can't blame me though. epic

**** Warning: if you hate the site of blood and feet, discontinue reading. If you're weird like me and think feet and blood are awesome, continue****

So after watching The Jersey Shore and stalling some more, I finally grabbed my keys and headed out the door to the hospital. I relied on my music and magazines to keep me occupied.

After thirty minutes, the nurse called me in and took my temperature and vitals. At that point she took off the two bandages and tape that I used to tightly secure my big daddy toe (yes, I call my big toe "big daddy"). Boy, it was swollen and red!

Nurse- "Hun, when was your last tetnus shot?"

Me- "umm, I'm not sure."

-Okay, that's fine. [a few minutes pass by] okay! you're done.

-cool. thank you [getting ready to approach the door]

-WAIT, I almost forgot. [leaves and then comes back with a needle!]

I got terrified and told her that I was scared. "you'll be fine honey."

Ten minutes after my tetnus shot, it felt like someone punched me in the arm real hard. ow

More waiting ensued.

I watched the Cupcake wars. This episode made me tear up a bit though. Then I admired my toes some more (I kid) and compared it with each other. Left is swollen compared to its counterpart. Can you see the puncture wound?

Then the nurses took my x-ray to see if I had any pieces from the toothpick lodged inside. The results were inconclusive, because its hard to identify a small piece of wood from the scanning. So the only choice Dr. Buckley had to do was numb my big daddy toe and slice the area to "look" for said object.

-He injected three, THREE! needles of numbing medication. I screamed (for real) and held on to the rail bars for my dear life. It seriously hurt like hell, that was why I screamed! He giggled after I realized the third shot felt like nothing. "ahhh!...oh, ha ha, that actually didn't hurt."

I watched him in amazement as he sliced my flesh, and blood gushed out like mad.

This is only modest.

ohhh, look what Dr. Buckley found...

yup, the end piece of that toothpick.

I learned two things tonight: 1) never leave sharp objects laying around and 2) I need to trim my toe nails more often

Didn't I warn you that it was going to be gruesome awesome?


Anonymous August 23, 2010 at 8:44 PM  

Oh, OWWW! I'm glad you made it in the get it taken care if. That looked so painful!

Anonymous August 24, 2010 at 7:05 PM  

Gahhh!!! I'm glad you went to the hospital-that would've been awful if that little piece stayed in there! My friend is an art teacher and broke some kind of glass art thing and still has some glass wedged high up into her finger!!!

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