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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello! I have three new products to share, but they are not food. Ha

How was your day so far? Mine has been productive. I went to work today getting a refresher on my lifeguard skills and it was lovely. Unfortunately, I got a weird one piece swimsuit tan. No me gusta... It wasn't a pretty tan, it was an ashy tan...No me gusta dos!

 I came to my dear mothers house quite ravenous, because I was in the water training for two hours! And then I spotted these packages. Suddenly my hunger disappeared, funny how that works.

eeeek! I've been waiting for my first package to arrive three days ago, but we had construction that blocked off our road, hence, no package. I was an impatient baby.

Some of yall, or maybe no one...have read that I've been having problems with my skin and begging for advice. My acne has been getting a lot worst to the point where make-up does not help. I've been struggling with acne since the six grade, and it got worst after high-school. No me gusta acne

So what did I order?

Jan Marini products. I've read reviews after an esthetician suggested it. Here they are (they are quite expensive, but I bought them off ebay saving $$):

Reviews from customers
BioGycolic Bioclear cream
BioGycolic oily skin cleansing gel
Clean Zyme Papaya Cleanser

I realized that I bought the wrong cleanser, so sad. But based on the reviews, people liked it.
I was originally aiming to get this though:

Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser

What's the difference? the one I mistakenly ordered was a gel cleanser, whilst this one is soap-free and is more lotion-like. It seems more concentrated and you apply it with no water! just simply rinse. I used a sample of this for a couple days and I loved it!

oh chucks..
I'll post my review after a month of testing this out.  I'll let ya'll know if it is in fact...a miracle in a jar.


- Rojos Mango Peach Salsa (this is amazing!!!!) Costco sells a huge container <3
- Happy Cow Lite Swiss Cheese (I love it so!) Costco sells this in a pack of 4
- 1/2 brown rice/sauteed cabbage/chicken breast with cayenne pepper

Amazing. I love to mix it with veggies that are sauteed or steaming rice.
I feel like it tastes more like white cheddar than swiss.
no complaints...

All of my eats have been either in a tupperware or baggie as of late.
Since I am under a roof, I figured I should attempt to eat normally with a container plate and plastic fork silverware.

Same color scheme.

And as my snack for this up coming evening...

mmmm...can't wait

I've never had kiwi with skin, so I got organic just to be safe. Hopefully I like it!

Kiwi used to freak me out because I didn't know to eat around their fuzzy skin, I thought those fruits were dirty.

Were there any fruits that intimidated you at first?


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