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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just came back from seeing my esthetician, ahhhh, this week I have been so secluded from the outside world because my face is literally inflamed and infected it's a shame because it's beautiful outside, and it sure puts a damper on my mood and makes me so sad. Which is why Insanity comes in handy when I DO NOT want to go the gym. sigh and I do miss the gym!

Anyway, I feel better but I have another schedule set for next Monday with my esthetician, which I am so excited for. I cannot wait! I took before pictures, but am so hesitant to post it here, though I don't feel the pressure that I NEED to post it here or anything. But maybe I do a little? because I don't want ya'll to think I am being over-dramatic with how BAD my face is! because it IS bad! Once it gets better, I probably would just post it here. But for now, I am too vulnerable and full of emotions. Ok, I was a bit melodramatic there.

I did the Recovery series on Insanity, and my initial thoughts were "cooool! today isn't going to be painful " Um, wrong. The series focused on stretching the muscles to increase flexibility and prevent injury for the next coming grueling insanity workouts. gulp. It felt good, the stretch that is. BUT when the isometric lunges and squats came around, it hurt like a mother. It involved slowly doing squats and lunges, then holding the movement to isolate the muscles working, then pulsing. I was crying out loud and my sister laughed at me. I asked her to join but she declined.

Not bad

The recovery phase was only 30 minutes. I have yet to do an insanity workout today, maybe tonight in my small room. I love looking at the stats! it turns boring cardio to fun and painful.

Insanity pushes you to your limit. I say try it! if you are willing to stick to it though, rather than be afraid like me who hid her dvd for a couple months ;o) I finally decided to try it out last week. No regrets

After the recovery it was lunch time!

Rubbed EVOO and dry ranch dressing mix the chicken breasts. I made several pieces and they are running fast already. This time I did not use my usual method for grilling on the foreman, so I spent so long cleaning out that darn thing. I learned my lesson, always use parchment paper.

Made ranch "dressing" by mixing the dry packet with fat-free yogurt. Deliciousssss! and way healthier

Brussel Sprouts w/ Braggs Amino Acids + Cayenne pepper, chicken breast, two yellow corn tortillas
and "ranch"

It hit the spot. mmmmm

I like to break my food, and in this it like tacos. Because I think it makes the process of eating much slow. I think. I hope. It's fun. Food should be fun. I like fun food.

Did you hear about the study where scientists linked that junk food is supposively addictive like cocaine? possibly worst? you can find an article here, here, or here.

Interesting! Any thoughts? Can you relate in terms that junk food are in fact addicting? (you can't control it) When you shop, what do you tend to stray from? because you know you'd get out of hand.
- For me, it's ice cream, boxed snacks(think cookies, pretzels, chips), and cereal. Because I know I'd finish that thing from walking out the store to getting in my car. I tell myself to stop eating it, but it's hard! Hey, I struggle.



Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) March 31, 2010 at 7:57 PM  

great link you sent me to the Body by O! We live in Phoenix but are headed back, hopefully fingers crossed to san diego soon and his gym in temecula is just 45 mins north of san diego!

junk food is addicting, to both the body and mind, i believe. i actually get sick from crap food so dont partake, but it took me many years to learn that lesson.

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