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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have been irritated with myself! I have an exam tomorrow and for the past two days I've been blowing off studying. Last night I told myself that I would go home and write down questions on my flashcard, that did not happen.

I am such a bad bad bad ...bad procrastinator. What did I do? well, I went grocery shopping, at um...11pm. Don't feel sorry for me if I bomb this exam, because I deserved that one. BUT I promise I will study after this post, or after my dentist appointment, or after my review session, OR after the gym...

I went shopping with the original intent of buying almond milk and frozen spinach because I knew I wanted a Green Monster in the morning. I also got carried away and got other loot.

While I was looking for frozen spinach, I spotted myself some frozen okra. I have been wanting to try okra for some time now. Although fresh okra would've been far better in my opinion, frozen was available. hell yah.
If I had the option of going fresh, I would've loooved to have roasted them. But microwave it is.

It came out gooey and sappy...very mucous-like (perfect way to describe food no?) After watching too much episodes of Emeril Lagasse cook so many lousinana and southern style dishes...Gumbo was the dish that mainly called for okra, to thicken the stew.

The pods can be sliced thinly and cooked for a long time, so that the mucilage dissolves (as in gumbo). The cooked leaves can also be used as a powerful soup thickener. Soup anyone? The mucus is also a form of soluble fiber.

stir-fried with soy sauce, ground pepper, and cayenne.
For lunch today.

I loooove tea, I think I've come up with quite a collection, and I need to stop. But I can't help it okay? I need variety in my life, especially when it comes to tea.

Another alternative to coffee? Roastaroma.A good fake.
My thoughts: I think if you are an extreme coffee-holic, then this flavor may take some adjustments when it comes to going cold-turkey or limiting down on the caffeine intake. The flavor was earthy, and tasted like mildly burnt beans (not in a bad way). Personally I like it myself, I like to add sugar-free creamer and stevia (treat it as any other coffee). Last night I drank this for dinner and felt no guilt whatsoever, because I knew that I would be able to get my beauty sleep with no problem.

Millet bread with SF strawberry smuckers and AB.
Along with my fake-coffee, catching up on 90210.

On the tangent: Do you watch 90210? I remember when it first came out, I HATED it so much. The acting and story line was horrific (I just hated the sarcasm used, ohhh really?) but I gave it a chance each week. I yelled at the television copious amount of times, yelled because I was frustrated, if your gonna remake 90210, you better make it right okay? 2 years later, I can now say I enjoy it, and I think it's better because they got rid of whatshisface, but it got better.

okay, my little tangent is over.

This morning:
Green monster was made. I haven't indulged in a G.M  for a while. I forgot how refreshing and how good drinking one made me felt. I will make it an effort to include G.M everyday, or at least every other morning.

transferring it via funnel, for my morning commute to school.
It contained (almond milk, frozen spinach, 1/3 frozen banana)

Last night while preparing my banana to freeze over night, I couldn't help how large my banana (on steriods) was. I thought it was my imagination and that it was normal. But holy cow... is this normal?

This banana was the same length as my forearm. It was the first time I noticed it, I am 5'1 by the way.

So sad, because I thought I was 5'2 the whole time.

Do you have any favorite shows or shows that you cannot stand???
- Because of my love for Conan O'Brien, my heart is longing for him back on television. I can't watch Jay Leno on television anymore, unless he is interviewing Robert Pattinson.


Anonymous March 24, 2010 at 2:27 PM  

Aww you are too cute! I LOVE okra and i've never had it frozen. Looks like you took a gamble there and ended up with some tasty veggies. :)

I have to jump on the GM bandwagon. I haven't made one yet and have absolutely NO idea how it tastes. hehe I always buy bananas on steroids at TJ's because since they're all the same price, why not buy the biggest you can get right???

My FAVORITE show of all time is House. And my guilty pleasure is of course....the Kardashians. hehe

Ana March 24, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

It is so funny that you bring up Okra, I tried it two nights ago for the first time. I cut the Okra in half, sauteed it with some EVVO and red onion, seasoned it with salt & peppah, and it was delicious!!

I have been craving GM, and after reading your post that's what I will be having tomorrow for b-fast :)

Right now I am really loving FLASHFORWARD. Do you watch it?

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) March 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM  

to your question re san diego: I lived there for 6 yrs, we recently moved to Phoenix, but would love to be back in SD and are trying to get there :)

drop me a comment and lmk where in SD you live? we lived all over from hillcrest to carmel valley. hopefully we'll be back soon!

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