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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday and I am slightly sore, and it's from Friday! That's diabolical! On what do I blame this non-sense on?

Shaun T from the Insanity dvd workouts "What I can get you in 60 days, takes people a year" um what?! that is quite a bold statement Shaun T, but we'll see...

And 7 minutes later.... I literally cried. I wanted to quit. I wanted to throw the dvd out the door. oh the pain!
It's crazy! I will have to explain more on the concept about this DVD later.

On Saturday I made Mae's granola bar recipe for my co-workers. They loved it, and it's such a genius recipe for a non-baker like me. The process was so easy that I made it again today :o)

This is the wet mixture getting ready to transfer to the 9x12 pan

I added some extra dry ingredients such as semi-sweet chocolate chips, whole flax seeds, coconut shreds, and raw almond...was amazing. You can come up with many varieties.

waited 20 minutes which is no big deal. The aroma of the house was just pleasant I tell you.

My co-worker loved it and so did Kevin who works in the gym located next to our pool (and has kicked my butt many times making me do lunges). I left a couple bars for my other co-worker Jeff since he was working the next day and he said it was the most amazing granola bar ever! that made my day. All of the credit goes to Mae of course. He even said it made him swim faster! hoorah!

Lately I have been incorpating green monsters upon rising. I haven't gotten tired of it yet. Making a green monster is what I look forward to the night before! and when I wake up in the morning, all I want to do is lay in bed. But then I think about the G.M... I rush out of bed.

egg white pancake with a la green monster
egg white pancake has 4 egg whites whisked with cinnamon and stevia. My favorite way to eat eggs for breakfast now. Topped with SF smuckers strawberry preserves.

Green Monster:
1 cup of original almond breeze
1/3 frozen banana
1 scoop of Alive!
1 cup of frozen spinach

Then 1/3 way through I forgot about bee pollen, so I rushed and added that baby in.

Today I did another Insanity workout because I didn't feel like hitting the gym. This workout was 45 minutes in the living room. It was hot because I had just turned off the oven, hence it smelled like granola bars. Not bad, but holy cow intense.

Max heart rate 94% average was 77%

I told you it was intense...the idea of doing the dvd workouts for a month scares me .The cool thing is that my heart rate was around 60-68% (fat burning zone) after 5 minutes of being done! This dvd is a fat burning furnace, that's for sure.

Doing the cool down stretches and relieved that I am done! at least for today...

What are your favorite exercises/moves/machines/dvd etc?


David March 30, 2010 at 6:42 AM  

Angela, I stumbled on your have an amazing future ahead of you. I think I am going to try those granola bars of yours! You should think about becoming a beachbody coach if you haven't already. You have a great blog and you like to share your knowledge in health and fitness. I have been in h/f for 10 years now and I have seen a huge change since becoming a beachbody coach. I have met so many awesome people. Check out my website if you would like and if you ever have any questions you can email. What ever decision you make for your future, go with your heart! I started out a biology major in college! I switched that right away :) Take care!
Lori Streitmatter

Michelle March 31, 2010 at 11:36 AM  

haah what a fabulous picture of you cooling down. DANG I had no idea at home workouts could be THAT intense. Sign me up!!!! Now if only i had enough space in my studio...errrr....hahahah

May i have a sample of your tasty looking granola baaars???

I Love Insanity March 31, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

Have to try those granola bars, they look yummy. Funny you want to throw Insanity out the door. I felt the same way. Now I only have 4 Insane workouts left. These workout are crazy.

Ashlei April 15, 2010 at 1:37 PM  

Those granola bars look great with all the melted chocolate :) I need to go check out Mae's recipe!

I'm a big bee pollen fan too!! Have a great day!

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