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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Before, homework would come first and then blogging. Tonight is a different story, and I am crazy to put off homework til after midnight. I guess I don't learn my lesson when I wake up wishing I had slept earlier that night. You live and sometimes never learn.

Tonight I met with my lovely friends whom I've known way back from elementry and middle school. We decided to eat at a local vietnamese restuarant.

I'll leave you with lots of pictures and a few words.

Annnnnnd my awesome dish which I will for sure get next time, beats my usual order of pho (beef noodle soup)

#90: Shrimp, Beef, & Chicken with flat pan fried noodles, bak choy, brocolli, onions, celery, and carrots.

Andrew (btw you should totally check out his youtube channel) was totally making fun of me because I was smiling as I was snapping a photo of my food. Which I am positive I always do?!

Afterwards we had met up with Sandy (another childhood friend) and chatted while Sandy and I ate frozen yogurt. SERIOUSLY THE WORST FROZEN YOGURT EVER. Yuck, it tasted like sour cream. Needless to say I didn't finish it.

Of course we head over to a taco shop (this night is just full of eats no?) to meet Randys (middle school buddy) brother and friend.
I decided now was a good time to go shopping for ingredients since I had already eatten, the grocery store took only several minutes to walk to.

Photo Credit: Andrew A.

I needed ingredients to bake up a good recipe, can you take any guesses? This is my typical wanderings around the grocery store.

My "try to make it look challenging face", uh fail?

Whole wheat pastry flour

Very artistic Andrew, consecutive rows of grains.

Writing down the code so my items can be scanned out. The first time I bought from bulk, I didn't know I had to write down the code. Lets just say I got yelled at by the lady behind me in line.


I am trying to eat less meat, not because of any diet changes, but because meat is quite expensive.

Egglands Eggs on sale. wahoo!
Andrew explained how the pink stamps make the eggs look artificial, I thought it looked cuuuute.

Squash heaven

Ring! My spending was a little over $9

 I bought the following:

- Tofu
- A dozen eggs
- Butternut squash (I accidently typed butterbut squash, boy am I tired!)
- Two garnet yams
- Brown sugar
- WW pastry flour
- Golden brown sugar
- Cocoa powder

Any guesses to what I am making???


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