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Monday, October 18, 2010

**Also it's that time again for a CSN review. CSN sells an Ottoman coffee table that you should definately check out.

 I have been on such a coffee kick lately (I bought coffee almost everyday this week, shame on me!) but not only does CSN sell cookware, shoes, stools, coffee tables.  I will be reviewing one of their products, and I am in some need help! What would you buy from their store?**

- Silicone baking sheets?
- Cast iron skillet?
- Hand Mixer?
- Spiralizer?!

Keep your eyes open and on the lookout.

IAnyway, I guess my post title is a hit or miss, unless you know what I'm relating it to. If you're lost I was referring to Willow Smiths Whip My Hair. Daughter to the handsome Will Smith. To be honest, I feel weird listening to it, because I can't believe she's 9?! Will they play this at the club or what?

Last last Friday Jasmine and I made cheesecake. From my last post, I bought ingredients to make cookies, which we spontaneously used for the crust. Think BJ's Pazookie! Which I've never had, but the calorie content scares me. Which is odd of me to say because I think this recipe I am about to show you is even more detrimental to your health. Rule #32 according to Zombieland (the movie)...Gotta enjoy the little things in life right?

To make the dough, I used BethT's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

This recipe required 14 Tbsp of butter. Kill me now. The key technique in making this cookie is to brown the butter, unfortunately our oven did not work. So I found a simple short cut. Enter the mircowave, one of the greatest inventions ever.

Honestly, I would've preferred browning the butter via stove. It took 10-12 minutes (give or take) to brown the butter with the microwave. I mircowaved it in one minute increments to prevent any burns.

It yielded these results

The best part, chocolate chips. I measured my chocolate chips according to the recipe, but then I said "screw it!" and dumped the whole thing. No regrets, sometimes it's okay to break the rules when you know it's not gonna hurt somebody :oP

I seperated the dough in freezer bags, I figured I'd want cookies on a rainy day (which happened to be yesterday).

Then it was off to Jasmines house. I've never actually hung out with Jasmine before, so it was fun to bond over baking, which is something we enjoy doing. I've never made cheesecake before, so I was super excited to watch the process.

First we formed a cookie crust on a pie pan, then we baked it at 375F until it looked just about right (slightly undercooked) It came out poofy at the beginning and we were worried, but as time passed, it deflated.

You can use any cheesecake recipe you find and customize your own flavors.

I got to use a hand-held mixer, which I got excitingly stupid about. I've never used a hand-held mixer, it DOES make mixing so much easier! No duhr.

We seperated and added cocoa power, bananas, and white chocolate as bases for our cheesecake.

A cool technique that I learned was you don't need extravagant tools to add simple touches. A pasta noodle simply works out in making swirly designs.

We used chocolate cookies as crusts for our muffin shaped cheesecake. Just add cookie crumbs and melted butter (seriously, more butter!)

Our cookie pie came out of the oven looking like this. I love how I get a taste of chocolate chips after each bite. It is seriously more chocolatey and cookie tasting than it looks.

After refridgerating our cheesecake, we went to the gym together and then went our seperate ways until we could meet up and eat it. But I accidently feel asleep and woke up at 1am! Good thing Jasmine is a night-owl, because I came over right afterwards.

Eating cheesecake at 1:30 in the morning is a bad idea, depending on how you feel in the morning.

We feasted and watched the latest episode of Glee and Raising Hope. Raising Hope is such a cute and funny show! You should check it out on Hulu.com, the dialogue definately coincides with my sense of humor.

My other half to take home :o) I had a fun time!


Matt October 20, 2010 at 11:13 AM  

Nothing wrong with a late night snack ;)

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