le tigre shirt!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

During my packing extravaganza a few days ago, I found one of my favorite old t-shirts!

circa 2004? My cousin Julie bought it for me as a gift for Christmas. I like funky t-shirts! I wore this during sophmore year in hs all the time and paired it with a nice pink cardigan and pearly necklaces, then suddenly it disappeared. I was sad, and then I found it and was estactic.

I love this cow dog. Lately everytime I visit, she's been getting heavier and heavier. It's a good thing because she was so fragile when we got her, but a month ago she stayed the week at a friends house. They have a male pup AND cow dog isn't nutured. soo? I hope she isn't heavy because of...ya know...

Plus, she's been in a funky weird mood.

This morning before work, I was craving oatmeal until my sister gave me a bite of her McDonalds sausage burrito. I love those breakfast burritos despite how unhealthy it is, I would always get two almost every morning during my freshman year.

My mom gave me this other half of her breakfast burrito from someplace. Still tasty! (cheese, eggs, potatoes, and sausage)

Today at work, I got some reading done but still need to do lots more. In that case, gotta study!

I am excited tomorrow is Monday, I have a weight training class and it helps that the baseball coach is adorable! yes, I said it. Ha.


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