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Monday, September 13, 2010

After class and stressing about losing a key (which I didn't lose! sorry for making you wait Jeff), I am going to wind down by hitting a few books and studying. Preferrably at a coffee shop sipping on hot tea with my iPod.

I took a visit to Costco to find a Bible (don't ask, or do!) and saw a bulk case of Chobani greek yogurt yogurt and Almond Milk. I didn't get the greek yogurt, but I'll have to suffice :o/ I also didn't find a Bible, and if you are thinking nooo duh why would they possibly sell it there, well I saw that they sold one a few months ago and it was pretty and for a good price. I came out with almond milk and a bag of bananas instead.

Do you ever get nosy and glance over at other peoples purchases? I always do that at Costco, and most of the time I think to myself "I wish I can live in your kitchen!" sometimes due to boredom, or other times just to make assumptions about their diet or purchases! "three cases of tequila, party much?"

After buying almond milk and bananas (smoothies)...I purchased my favorite cereal, Captain Crunch! Love that stuff.

The Peanut Butter Puffs "stay crunchy...even in almond milk". It literally hurt my gums to chomp on them, but I love them nontheless.

My computer is being ridiculously dumb with posting pictures! Maybe it's a sign I need to stop blogging and start studying?



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