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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Darwin fueled me to start blogging agian, thanks Darwin for making me realize that I have a baby blog that I needed to tend to.

I have been busy with school and the lack of access to my computer doesn't help at all.

I have been packing since yesterday and THAT took 6 hours. That was 6 hours of being overwhelmed! I did not eat at all with all that dust flyin' around, opps. I blew my nose and there was dust, tmi. I am not even close to being done with my room, which is all I need to worry about. In fact, my room looks even more horrendous. The reason it took more than 6 hours was due to the fact that I needed to pack so little ( I am moving back home to mom! and there's little space) BUT I felt the need to hold on to things.

I realized that was the problem, I kept holding onto STUFF. Stuff that I didn't need that were just taking lots of empty space and dust. Perhaps when I get home I can toss my old theatre uniform from two years ago? "...but it was from my first job.., ahhh!" It had to take me a few hours to go back to what I packed and toss it out or donate. Eventually I just didn't care, but I still do. argh, packing :o(

Anyway, a couple days ago, I got to see one of my favorite musician, Joe Brooks. I've listened to him since 2007, and fell in love with him and his music ever since. Do you ever get vivid flash backs just from listening to a song? A song that evokes distinct emotions from long ago and takes you back some place, a song that makes you happy because it reminds you of ________, or sad because of ________. His songs definately do that for me! It's definately bittersweet. 

Fortunately, I found out he was coming to San Diego a few days before he was set to play. Lucky me. I thought it was free, but it wasn't. The $ was definately worth it, who knows when I'll see him again.

He has a very charming british accent and it helped a lot that it was an intimate venue. Front row!

I bought his cd and love it!

Last week, my batch of kombucha was ready to be bottled. Unfortunately laziness played some part of a role and I left the kombucha fermenting for longer that expected. The result was a sour tasting brew. I also added WAY TOO MUCH starter in the beginning. So I started all over and made new tea and added more sugar.

 A huge baby scoby forming from a mother. I use green tea only when it comes to booch, but now that I have plenty of scobys, I feel comfortable experimenting. I know that if I ever fail on a batch I have plenty of back ups for trial and error :)

Bubbles are a good thing! it's feeding off the sugar and fermenting. woo hoo!

I started this batch on 9/5, so I should bottle it tomorrow depending on how sweet/fermenty I like it.

Which I will bottle in these awesome mason jars. They have been sanitized, so no funky microorganisms floating around in my booch ya know? :)

This booch was bottled almost a month ago and left at room temperature for the kombucha to continue maturing, like wine?

I added TJ's concorde grape juice (10%) to the mason jar before I bottle it up. The ingredient is just grapes, so I wasn't worried! The result was that it tasted just like the regular grape kombucha I used to buy at grocery stores.


Check out Joe Brook's video, so adorable.


Angie September 12, 2010 at 3:06 AM  

Okay- Making kombucha and lazy don't even belong in the same sentence. :) I am very impressed!!

Ashlei September 12, 2010 at 4:10 AM  

Totally love that pic of you and Joe Brooks (I think that's who it was!).

What's your tea-sugar ratio for booch? I never added enough and it was like vinegar! Yuck! Or does adding juice help with that?

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