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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello there, anything new with you?

Nothing is new with me, besides the fact that I hate school and I that I cut my bangs! they were starting to grow out and parted sideways weirdly. So I took a pair of scissors and snip snip. I like em.

I have been eating so bad lately and I think receiving a box of chocolates does not help the situation at ALL :o) So lets rewind backwards to Friday, which was S- 20th birthday.

Me, Shannon, and Ashley and her friends ate at a Bar and Grille.
A- bragged so much about the Ginger Ale (ok, maybe she didn't, I think she was just excited). So I got a ginger ale as well.

I got a yummy spring mix salad with blue cheese, craisins, grilled chicken and a side of dijon honey mustard. I think the dressing was literally made of honey because the consistency was so gooey.

Fish and Chips for her!

Before we met up with everyone we had to wait at a comic book/ trading card shop.
Attack of the nerds! I swear every one looked at us once we entered, because that place was definately a sausage fest. There were only 4-5 girls and 20 guys!
John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a chubby baby!

After some convincing and thinking, I thought it would be best to spend Valentines day with a very good friend. So yesterday...

He suprised me at a place called King's. Seafood is their specialty and it was hard for me to choose looking at the menu!

I was a bit suprised because the things on the menu looked a little expensive, so I wanted to wait til he ordered first. After looking around and suggesting a few things, he would also suggest a few things for me. Then it wasn't til at that point I got comfortable enough to order whatever it was I wanted.

He got the Kings Plate.
Yum, with fried fish, scallops, and coconut shrimp.
After taking a picture of his plate, I asked if he was embarrassed by me yet.

He replied "No, the girl down there took a picture with her flash on, now THAT is embarrassing." ha

I got sword fish on a skewer with garlic mashed potatos (mmm) and mac n' cheese (what was I thinking?!)
It was very good and meaty! yum. The only thing that I disliked was the the skewer had little or no veggies (three mushrooms does not serve any purpose!). I should've have replaced the mac n' cheese with veggies instead. stupid me!

We left feeling super full and burping our way back to the car! so attractive.

Suprised a gal with a box of chocolates
but suprised me even more with a tea cup I've been eyeing a month ago from Anthropologie ( I love looking at that store)

and more chocolate, he knows better than to get me chocolates, oh boy :o(

This morning we had breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe.

I got an egg white omelete with avocados, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, onions, and salsa with fruit on the side.
He got an omelete with cheddar, bacon, and chorizo with hash on the side. I had a taste and it was good!

I haven't been blogging much because school takes up most of my time and there aren't any interesting eats. I eat the same thing everyday in a boring plastic container.

I will say that I had an Ezekiel english muffin for the first time and it was AMAZING! and chewy and dense and yum!

I've also been going to school with a sour face every Tuedays and Thursdays. Err, tomrrow is Tuesday and I will try to make an effort to smile and brush my hair.

Hope yall have a great day!


Alyson February 15, 2010 at 11:17 PM  

Hey lady! Ok that mac & cheese, chocolate & omelet has my already growling stomach screaming! I totally sympathize with you when it comes to school. How much time do you have left?

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