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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The great thing about having a non dead-beat lab partner? we git er dunnnn! We were on a roll prepared with our chemicals and what not, so we left an hour early, even though it was 9pm. Nevertheless, I was still happy!

School was good. But unfortunately I did not attend my first two classes because I was down on myself. I didn't like the way I felt and looked, er. A little side story, when I used to have horrible horrible acne...it really took over my emotion and confidence to the point where I did not want to go out at all or socialize. I found a great esthetician, and it went away...but of course acne isn't gone forever and it takes maintenence...but it's too much $$$. Has the lack of confidence set you back or get in the way of something good happening in your life? It's something I need to work on and I know it's definately my minds evilness, it's easy for me sometimes to tell myself to get over it, and I do for the mean time.

Something I remember reading in Twilight oh-em-gee, ha...When Bella wonders whether the image she sees in herself in her own eyes, reflects the same thing people see in her?? I think it's untrue!

+ Bella thought of herself as unattractive, average, lame (not in her own words)...but then she meets Edward drool...and he sees the exact opposite...he sees beauty, warmness, brightness, love...

I have friends who think the worst of themselves...but I see the exact opposite. When I describe to them in terms that describe who they are, they are suprised. SO what I may view about myself...isn't neccessarily what others see in me? (I hope not! especially what I was thinkin' this morning)

Enough of the tangents!

It just got me down this morning, sorry.

                                     The adopted valentine turned my frown upside down.

ah, your smile makes me smile :o)

I was also happy because I enjoyed my cup'roo with

Candy Cane Lane.
I've had this box for so long because I never thoroughly enjoyed it. I having a mug to drink from most definately made me enjoy this tea 100% better.
Added stevia and almond milk to the mix.

I made a pancake mix the night before because I had to pack for my moms.
Just 3-4 measely MAIN ingredients! .

+ Oats
+ Egg whites
+ Ground flax seed
+ Stevia
+ Lotsa' cinnamon
+ Baking soda (1 tsp)

Annnnd that's it!

Topped with A.B

This thing was soooo freaking thick and firm (not in a bad way)
Maybe because it rised over-night? heck, what do I know?
All I know is that once I added baking soda, the texture changed in a good way..der'

Enjoyed it very much. I have the worst sweet tooth eva, but a piece of chocolate can hold me down.
Safe to say...I guess.
My sweet tooth was not satisfied [enter strawberry preserves]

Just like PB&J...but with Almond Butter instead.

Look what I found...can you see it?

and this...

I'm incorporating it to my future pancakes/coffee/tea.

That turkey is just too cute! the little sister made it at school. My mom threatens my little sister that she'd throw it away, but she resists because it is just too adorable. She laughs when she sees it and then changes her mind.

Approach a friend and tell them to describe you. How would you describe yourself if you were to meet someone for the first time?

- It's funny, my pastor would say something along the lines... "you might think you good-lookin' and sexy when you're in front of the mirror, but other people be like uh-huh *eye rolls) ha ha.

Nothing is wrong with being confident!


Michelle February 24, 2010 at 1:14 PM  

My gosh how AWESOME does your ab and j pancake look? I've never succeeded in making fluffy pancakes from scratch, only mixes. :( BOOO ME.

WOW your pastor is blunt, but that's actually really funny what he says. It's good to have confidence my dear...not sure if he meant what he said in a good way or not though... haha

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