Weekend recap

Monday, January 18, 2010

I hope your weekend was splendid.

Few words and more pictures? okay let's do this, I'll try.

Let's start off on Saturday. I went to work and indulged way too many of TJ's Pita Puffs in the car (after breakfast), so good and addicting may I add. Since work was slow, I decided to hop on the StairMaster for 45 minutes on my hour break. I managed to squeeze in a quick shower, snack, and dry my sweaty work-out clothes in the laundry room after.

On my last 30 minute break and I put on my dry set of clothes as fast as I could, and I did 20 minutes on the StairMaster again ( it's your worst enemy but your bestfriend in some sense) and then ate lunch during my work hour (work is great!)

After work, K- decided to train me at the gym and we worked on upper body. My back is sore still. It's so fun when the trainer actually trains with you.

Then it was time to bowl!

Bowling is so fun, I wonder why I don't do it often. The only thing bad about bowling alleys are the food.
I can't believe they serve funnel cakes, I've only seen funnel cakes served at fairs, but not the bowling alley.

Chilli Cheese Fries! artery clogging

Bacon Cheese Fries (arterty clogging x's 2) I took a few small bites, tsk tsk
But we bowled the night away!

I came third :o(

I think I've heard something like this...you're bound to break a nail when you bowl

okay, I know I need to re-polish my nails. But I got other priorities :o)
But I've never heard that you're bound to tear off some skin when you bowl!

R- bought this brownie and shared with us

not so many healthy options right?

Then after we decided to hit the arcade and play games to share prizes.

E-, Me, R-, and M-
For 55 tickets, I got Pop Rocks, sooo not worth it! my lollipop broke off.

Over the course of the weekend, I bought Kale and have been excited to get my hands on making Kale Chips

(gr, it's sideways and I don't know how to fix it)

It was so delicious and fun to eat! just season with salt, pepper, and cooking spray. Bake for 15 minutes at 350.
I love the crunch factor it had, it tasted like veggie chips at the market, but healthier!

On Sunday, my amazing friend S- was opening a show for My American Heart at the Epicentre. This was My American Heart's last show, unforch they are breaking up as a band (they are pretty big in San Diego).

Dustin (guitarist) on the ledge still playing his guitar!
Crazy insane mosh pits and the crowd was pushing each other in every direction! I almost fell but luckily I grabbed on to someones shirt.

I laughed out loud (but no one heard). Someone was missing a shoe and I just kept picturing someone in the audience missing a pair of Toms, hysterical.

This happened to me two years ago too, I lost my shoe due to a mosh pit. With the help of my friend A- and holding her hand through the crowd, I retrieved it.

Two weridos behind us. Don't know who they are.

This is the lead singer Larry- he is so small and tiny! After the picture I impulsively touched his stomach and said "you are sooo cute" and he said thank you.

Dustin (that crazy guitarist)

Let me explain. I told him to do me a favor and look at me like he's in love, you know...for the sake of putting it on Facebook.

This was the result, but it just looks like he wanted to kill me and you can tell by my face I was timid, ha.
"No, it does look like love, intense love"- Dustin Hook

This is cute. I got a picture of S- talking to Larry. S- has been a fan of MAH since day one, when the band used to be called No Way Out.

Bought this shirt, everything had to go! so it was $5. I wore this to the gym today and got quite a few looks :o)

** I am so sad My American Heart is no longer together, right now I am listening to them. They have been part of my weight loss journey over the summer, ha. I listened to them on my ipod for two months straight whist on the cardio machines, pumping it up!

Take a listen, I say you listen to the slow stuff first like Tired and Uninspired on their myspace

Today I am resting and it's raining. I decided to bake (which only took 10 minutes)
I tried baking Angela's vegan spelt biscuits but got the ingredients mixed up! I prepared the mix at home with the list of ingredients that I tried to remember at the top of my head, including the measurements. Still turned out great.

I used raw sugar packets (that I "borrowed" from starbucks) to sprinkle the top, the sugar carmelized nicely.

Topped with crunchy PB and Raw Vegan Choco Coconut Spread from LoveStreetLivingFoods

 poofy and delicious.

Also *unpictured. I tried Greek Yogurt last night, and the last time I had G.Y was a year ago. I had it with a microwaved pear (cubed and sliced) with cinnamon and the vegan chocolate. It was sooooo delicious. I ate this before I went to the show at 7:30 and it kept me full til midnight. So amazing. I need to buy more G.Y and pairings to go with it.

And who wouldn't want to win a Vita-Mix given away by Katie from her chocolate covered blog! I've seen the Vita-Mix used at demonstrations and it lives up to it's description. I wish I owned one, and here is your chance. Why not?
That was my week.

If you eat Greek yogurt, what do you like to pair it with? If you don't, what are you waiting for, try it!


Anonymous January 18, 2010 at 10:51 PM  

Greek Yogurt is definitely one of my favorite 'healthy' foods. Love to mix it with protein powder or pumpkin and top with apples, granola or trail mix. Yum!

Nicci@NiftyEats January 19, 2010 at 12:36 PM  

I'll have to check that group out. You are a hardcore bowler!! I injure myself quite often too. lol

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) January 19, 2010 at 4:06 PM  

Aren't the pita puffs amaaaaaazing!??! I popped those in my mouth so fast :)

The Love Street Living Foods choco coconut spread is amazing too. Such a cool list of ingredients.

Be careful bowling girl!

Erica January 19, 2010 at 5:53 PM  

Bowling is so much fun! I haven't been in ages. I so so need to try those kale chips. The show looks like an absolute blasty too! Hope your week has been good to you so far

sophia January 19, 2010 at 7:37 PM  

Ohmigosh. That bacon fries look gooood. I'd love to make my own version with baked sweet potato fries.

By the way, you look a lot like a good friend I have! :-D

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