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Friday, January 22, 2010

Moments ago it was hailing, that was cool.
Hours ago I drove while it was hailing, so not cool.

Last night I drove home and it was scary. The drive from my moms house to where I reside is 13 minutes, in that span of 13 minutes, the night sky flashed six times due to lightning. I was so scared that a few curse words escaped from my mouth, oops. I was terrified of getting struck by lightning (but then I calmed a bit knowing that other drivers probably felt the same way that I did, so I felt like I wasn't alone). Then when I got out of the car, I heard thunder. It was scary, yet amazing.

I was actually standing outside a bit to catch another sound of thunder before I got in the house, but I lost my patience after a minute and went inside.

After I got home, I decided to wash my dirty workout clothes and my back-pack that I carry to the gym. I thought it'd be fun to share all the junk I keep in my bag. This isn't the worst of it, I'm suprised at all the amount of stuff AND trash  my bag can carry!

It felt good to clean out the junk, it felt like I clarified my mind a bit. So I can't imagine how I'd feel once I clean my car AND room.

I don't think many of these things are nessesary, but I bring them just in case.
* I'm checking for spelling errors, and I just noticed a tampon, further embarrassed, but we're all girls here.

Three Now four scraps of my work-out logs that I need to actually write in my binder.
I forget to bring my work-out logs, so I resort to napkins and a flyers to write down the sets whilst I'm done with said sets.

Actually, yesterday I was working on triceps and *imagine (when I would finish my reps, I'd croutch to the floor and write on a durable tissue paper the reps and lbs I did). The manager at the gym was working out and noticed, he said "Nice use to logging your work-outs" I smiled and I replied that "I try to make it a habit"

Moments later he came over and gave me a clipboard, haha, made it easier.

I had a great work-out today. I did 45 minutes on the stair-master and I originally resorted to do 15-20 minutes of spinning after, but I kept setting higher goals (aiming to stick in 5 more minutes) and managed to do 60 minutes of spinning. I really enjoyed it! So I'm looking forward to taking Spinning Classes at 24. Hopefully I don't over-do spinning to the point where I no longer have interest in it. That's what I'm afraid of. Then it was back and chest.

Post work-out snack:  12oz Unsweetened Almond milk and 1.5 scoop of Chocolate Whey and a carb addition was this

They were giving this out at the gym, a cute mini-sample. I'd say it was 1/4 cups, less than 1/3 that's for sure.
It was enough to keep me content for two hours til I was starving.

Late Lunch!

Because of staying at the gym longer than usual, I had a late lunch. Boo, I didn't have lunch til 5:35 pm

I packed my tupperware full of food. I transfered my lunch onto a plate.
All I had for lunch was Zucchini :o(

I'm kidding, did I fool you?....ha, okay not funny.
I would've been grumpy if all I had were Zucchinis'

I had a tiered lunch.
Bottom: Brown Rice
Middle: Grilled Chicken Breast
Top: Zucchini

Microwaved and topped with

Ketchup, Black Peppa', Red Peppa' flakes, and Parmesan Cheese.

It was good, but then I realized I couldn't actually eat my tiered lunch like my future wedding cake :o(

especially with a plastic fork.

No longer pretty, but pretty tasty. I haven't had that much ketchup in forever. srsly

What do you keep in your gym bag that is a must-have! and if you're willing to, what is the most random thing you keep in there?

- I must have my work-out clothes, socks, undies, towels, shampoo, brush, locker, chapstick, deodorant...the list goes on, I basically shower there more than I do at home. The most random thing? well the most random thing I ever found was a multi-vitamin, which went bad, ha. I must have forgotten to take it.

Have a nice weekend, it's here!


sophia January 23, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

Hee, I don't have a gym bag, so I can't really answer that question...

but I LOVE your tiered lunch!!! That makes it so much more fun to eat! AND it looks freaking impressive!

Anonymous January 23, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

Lovely eats! The only way I've found I like zuchhini so far is in the form of bread.. but I'll have to do more experimenting. I can't say I have anything too strange in my gym page, but I have been known to almost always have a pad lock my purse for the gym locker :)

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