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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Howdy do da! (* when I told my friend to reply this to his mom via text, she then asked if I was drunk) :o) I just thought that was funny.

I am very proud to say that I have not been spending a dime since my last post about my embarrassing spending habits. hoorah!

For the last few days, I have been more appreciative of the things I have and especially the food I eat. Since I vowed not to go on unnecessary food shopping trips (unless my life depended on it! hence starvation), I treat food as if it is my last meal on earth. I discovered my love for spaghetti squash this week, and I am trying to ration it so that I can have it for dinner for the next few days.

Especially since I whipped up some ground turkey to go with it! The last time I had spaghetti squash, it was a last minute decision. Unfortunately when I wanted turkey with tomato sauce, there was no time to thaw out the meat at that point. Not this time...

Broccoli Slaw waiting on a bed of Squash

In flows a heaping portion of turkey! oooohh yeaaaahhh *spirit fingers

To the mix:
- one whole onion (carmelized)
- four gloaves of garlic (they were small btw)
- sliced zuccini
- cracked pepper
- chili flakes
- two bay leaves
- olive oil
- Srirachia (red sauce, consistency of a paste, very spicy!) something you'd find in an asian restaurant.

Yesterday at work (I have the best job, what job can let me eat every 2-3 hours?) I decided to organize my workout binder and re-use my journal. I think it's so fun to look at back at my thoughts and frustrations back in the summer when I decided to start eating clean and losing the lbs. I thought it was funny, but the same thing that I was dealing with then, still applies today. I still have trouble with slip ups and the lack of motivation, but upon reading my entries from summer, I can honestly say that I feel like I've improved and that I have an ounce of what it takes to eat way better and sacrifice some food groups to reach my goals.

I bought a few magazines to clip out, both Oxygen Magazine (we have a manogamist relationship) and
Shape (oh, I got over you a looooong time ago).

When you take care of your happiness and health first, you're giving people the best at your very best.

(for motivation, more pictures to come)

Upon collecting scraps, it was hard for me to rip off pages from Oxygen Mag. I really treasure those magazines and the thought of me ripping off a page killed me (it's really THAT special)!
Least to say, I ripped off the ads rather than articles. And I couldn't really find anything on Shape Mag.

Writing down my thoughts and staying on track
- re-analyze my goals
- What works best for me and what doesn't
- What were the problems I encountered and how did it make me feel
- Why am I doing this in the first place?

A printable workout log that I found on google. I printed so many and hole-punched it to my binder

Hopefully this will help me with my progress and goals of 2010. Which reminds me, I need to take progress pics (bikini style, oh la la).

What keeps you motivated and on track? Do you find it hard like me and need resources, if so what is it and what has helped you in the long run?


Anonymous January 9, 2010 at 12:34 PM  

wow that meal sure looks great!!
i think its great that your taking so many steps to achieve your goals.

Erica January 9, 2010 at 2:26 PM  

Love spaghetti squash! I have seen some spaghetti squash lasagna out there that I really want to try! Love the organizational skills! I live off lists

Simply Life January 10, 2010 at 4:31 AM  

way to go being more aware and grateful for what you already have -thanks for the wonderful reminder!

Paula January 10, 2010 at 11:45 AM  

Good job putting the workout log together. I am working an inspiration board and purchased a new journal for eats and workouts. I too, love Oxygen, and am a huge Tosca fan. I need to do the pre photos to :) Clean eats btw :D

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