Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello there, I don't really have much to say today. Today has been an odd day for me thus far because it's so weird doing things outside my routine. I have a routine that I follow on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

8-9:30 a.m- I make myself breakfast/pack clothes/ and head to the gym

10:00-12:30- I am at the gym

12:30-1- afternoon snack

1:00-2:30- school
2:30- Lunch
and so on...

I haven't gone to the gym at all today and I couldn't make it to class. I had to make it to a doctors appointment and so far things are looking good with getting my surgery approved. I ran into my childhood friend Sandy! It was fun talking to her and gossiping about boys ha. I walked into Barnes and Noble this week and :o)

Do you see any similarities? Everytime I'd see book covers like these, I wonder what the point is in having book covers like this, maybe it's some form of symbolism? what are they staring off into?? And when I discovered the art cover for Carrie Prejean's new book, my intial thought was NOT YOU TOO! Later on that day I had Burger Lounge with Sean in La Jolla! I love burger lounge, it's like the gourmet version of In-N-Out, pretty pricey but boy when I have these burgers I am giddy!

My favorite burger so far has been the veggie lounge burger, it's so delicious and light. I feel like it doesn't weight me down and the ingredients are whole and healthy. Their veggie pattie consists of (I'm trying to remember from memory): Quinoa, brown rice, carrots, zuccini, mushrooms...the rest I forgot :o( I tried to find ingredients on their site http://www.burgerlounge.com/ but I couldn't find it.

Sean got the grass-fed beef burger. It really makes a difference in taste whether or not they are grass-fed. Too bad it's much more expensive, but I would say it's worth giving it a try. Otherwise, I'd just stick to in-n-out burgers. The beef tastes clean and it melts in your mouth.

We had little room to spare for Gelato. We got half of mint chocolate chip and almond mocha fudge.

Lately I've been eating like a beast. More to come.


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