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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am sitting here with my teeth unbrushed and my hair tangled. I spent the night at my moms aaaannd there is nothing to eat. So in about five minutes I am going to head to Henry's and buy a bulk of oatmeal so I can heat it up here. The only thing my mom has that I can eat are eggs, so it looks like I'll be having an egg white omelette with oats ;o) It is so hard to find a place that serves a healthy meal without having to resort everywhere.

This week has been a hard week for me. I learned that no matter what I try to do or accomplish, that I am a work in progress no matter how long I've practiced doing what I've known. This refers to my relationship, beliefs, and living a healthy lifestyle.
This is what I would consider breakfast to be 6 months ago, a piece of pastry with sugar-laiden lattes. Yes, it does look tempting, but now I understand why I'd get tired everyday. I bet if I were to get one of those sticky buns now, then I would get a horrible sugar crash along with a big bloating belly ;o)

For last half of summer and up until now, I have started my morning with a hefty bowl of oatmeal. I never get tired of it. I feel cleansed, warm, and whole when I have a bowl every morning. I don't remember the last time I had processed cereal. But I no longer crave Captain Crunch, because a bowl of oats with banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon sounds so much healthy and delicious. It used to take me 3 bowls of cereal to fill me up. Yikes!

I hope I can stay away from the candy bulk that they have. I heard it's never good to go grocery shopping while you're hungry. Knowing myself...I am horrible when it comes to temptation!

I got to head to Henry's because I am so starved! Which isn't good (lost of muscle).

Grocery List:

  • Low-Cal Original Almond Milk (for oats/protein shake/ enjoyment)
  • 1 cup of Oats

  • LaraBar
  • The Amazing Grass Whole Food Bar


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