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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Although I've been such a neglectful blogger for the past...I don't know... month, I felt no pressure whatsoever to post. I just went along with the flow, and it also didn't help that I had no access to the interweb through my laptop. I survived through out the day with my phone, it was enough to go on facebook and browse a few blogs here and there.

yikes! not to mention my reader has filled up to 800 unread posts since I've been M.I.A. Just the thought of that overwhelms me, but you know what? I just need to hit "clear" and all will be better. It's like throwing away school work that I've accumalated throughout the years, I can be a pack-rat like that!

I feel horrible because I'm pretty sure I missed some important stuff going on in the lives of my favorite bloggies, but it'd take forever to catch up!

I am tired, I don't know where to start off. Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?
Well today I had a star service to attend to, it's an 8 hour workshop where we learn about customer service. It's a complete waste of time, but whatever, I get paid.

But the guy in charge totally sounds like Lotso the Bear! I thought that was hilarious. He's a mix between creepy and lovable. mmm?

Last week Ashley and I decided to hit up SmashBurger in La Jolla after a successful shopping in the wee hours of the morning. Rare for Ashley considering she wakes up at 1pm. We were shopping for outfits for some potraits we wanted to give our fathers for fathers day. We just ended up buying group photos.

Mediocore experience with the photographer = mediocore photographs. She had us do ackward poses that made me feel like as if we were a lesbian couple, Ash agreed. Although we've known each other for six years, it's still uncomfortable when we invade one anothers personal space. 

We just ended up shooting with Ashleys camera at La Jolla Cove which turned out great. Photos to ensue soon.

Anyway...we went to SmashBurger.

After debating whether I should get a burger (it is called SmashBurger afterall) or a salad because I wanted to keep it lite. I ended up with a salad.

It contained smashchicken, tomatoes, mixed greens, pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, craisins, raisin, goat cheese, and balsamic vinagrette.

Verdict: Not so great! I finished 1/3 and ate the rest of the chicken. What a waste of $$.

We had the suddern urge for something sweet and settled with the Gelato shop across the street. With the intent of sharing a gelato, once Ashley walked in and saw the array of colors and flavors, she exclaimed
"Nevermind, I am getting my OWN cup!"

Medium cup with Cookies n' Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie. Being the piggy I am, I polished it in 5 minutes.

Later that night I saved my appetite for Ranchos with Darwin. I was looking forward to dining at this little Mexican gem in Northpark.

My first experience was with Angel. Oh how I missed this kid grown-up!!

What an adorable mexican!

Amazing lobster with a side of rice, beans, guac, and tortillas.

After that day, I went to Ranchos for a total of three a week. Yikes!

I almost went by myself yesterday...almost.

My second time was with Darwin and his buddy Joey. I love the fact that they serve fresh tortilla chips and salsa. I love their salsa, it has the right kick of spice!

I am also in love with the decor, really adorable and yellow. I've come to conclusion that I like wearing purple, yellow, maybe green, and I'm starting to branch out to blue with my clothing. Just a tangent I'd like you to know.

I got the carne asada and shrimp combo with rice, guac, and beans. Good! Not as good as the lobster, the meat in this dish was bland. The sides made up for it though.

This waiter/hostess is just...really cool. Great presence.
So cute. I have a Rancho Daddy and a Kebab Daddy, ha.

By this point, I am just so tired to write. But I love this place and they have so many vegan, vegetarian, carnivore options! I want to try em' all!

Third time with Ashley I got the Papas Ranchos! yummy.

I'm so pooped. I was anxious all night because I was afraid my alarm wouldn't go off. I had to wake up early for work and had a dream I was late (with the 30 minutes of sleep I had).



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