Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love the fact that our dog has gained weight since her arrival a few months ago, because she was so fragile and thin. I love her.

Today she was so excited to see me after I paid a visit, her breath stunk, so I restrained her from licking my face. disguist. oh how will I ever deal with my baby?...err, maybe it isn't the time or place to think about that.

My mom has faithfully been feeding our cowdog Lily all random sorts of things, this has been happening gradually. At first my mom got upset that I bought her wet dog food, because that would throw off the normal liking of her dry food she eats everyday. (When my mom left, I secretly fed it to her though, she liked it!)

But over the past few weeks, I've been seeing wonder bread, rice, chicken....and today I see an omelette in her bowl! WTH?

I guess it's okay? I'm only rationalizing it out with the fact that I've seen owners feed their pets peanut butter, but I heard chocolate could potientially kill a dog.

Maybe I'm just gulliable. I need to check Google.


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