Weight training, whey protein, and oatmeal.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am estatic because I have endorphins raging inside me! I love that feeling that you get after a workout, don't you? I am happy for no apparent reason, and I feel so giddy inside :oD!

This morning I went to my weight training class at school and proceeded to do the rowing machine for 15 minutes to warm-up and then lifted weights. Today was back and bicep.

I felt strong and here are the stats for one hour of weight training:

86% maximum HR due to the rowing machine kicking my ass, that's some good cardio workout I say, but I don't think I have the mentality to row for 30-45 minutes, which is how much cardio I try to strive for a day.

Grunt FACE! grow biceps grow!

After weight training, I was starving and initially thought of starbucks, but I had to drive away and save money. I didn't want to form a habit of mindlessly going to starbucks all the time. I had something better waiting for me at home. Enter: WHEY PROTEIN.

Gotta feed a stressed out muscle right?

With the optimum nutrition whey I got a while ago, I combined it with Amazing Grass's Green Superfood and Wheatgrass.

In the Magic Bullet:
- One cup of almond milk
- scoop of Green SuperFood
- Wheatgrass powder
- Optimum Nutrition whey protein, chocolate
- Frozen bananas

I whipped away and got this...

I think this is much satiable than a regular ole' coffee from starbucks. At least I can wish I got this protein smoothie from starbucks, mind trick wonders.

Paired with oatmeal. Complex Carbs + Protein = Feeding Muscles

In the oatmeal, I added a slash of almond milk, peanut butter, and honey. All together I got a good complete breakfast!

Look what I found while packing, this was me in fourth grade. I loved those overalls, and I love that hair (even though I hated it back then).

I am going to the dentist now, stay tuned for whats to come!


cap'n crunch's peanut butter

Monday, September 13, 2010

After class and stressing about losing a key (which I didn't lose! sorry for making you wait Jeff), I am going to wind down by hitting a few books and studying. Preferrably at a coffee shop sipping on hot tea with my iPod.

I took a visit to Costco to find a Bible (don't ask, or do!) and saw a bulk case of Chobani greek yogurt yogurt and Almond Milk. I didn't get the greek yogurt, but I'll have to suffice :o/ I also didn't find a Bible, and if you are thinking nooo duh why would they possibly sell it there, well I saw that they sold one a few months ago and it was pretty and for a good price. I came out with almond milk and a bag of bananas instead.

Do you ever get nosy and glance over at other peoples purchases? I always do that at Costco, and most of the time I think to myself "I wish I can live in your kitchen!" sometimes due to boredom, or other times just to make assumptions about their diet or purchases! "three cases of tequila, party much?"

After buying almond milk and bananas (smoothies)...I purchased my favorite cereal, Captain Crunch! Love that stuff.

The Peanut Butter Puffs "stay crunchy...even in almond milk". It literally hurt my gums to chomp on them, but I love them nontheless.

My computer is being ridiculously dumb with posting pictures! Maybe it's a sign I need to stop blogging and start studying?



le tigre shirt!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

During my packing extravaganza a few days ago, I found one of my favorite old t-shirts!

circa 2004? My cousin Julie bought it for me as a gift for Christmas. I like funky t-shirts! I wore this during sophmore year in hs all the time and paired it with a nice pink cardigan and pearly necklaces, then suddenly it disappeared. I was sad, and then I found it and was estactic.

I love this cow dog. Lately everytime I visit, she's been getting heavier and heavier. It's a good thing because she was so fragile when we got her, but a month ago she stayed the week at a friends house. They have a male pup AND cow dog isn't nutured. soo? I hope she isn't heavy because of...ya know...

Plus, she's been in a funky weird mood.

This morning before work, I was craving oatmeal until my sister gave me a bite of her McDonalds sausage burrito. I love those breakfast burritos despite how unhealthy it is, I would always get two almost every morning during my freshman year.

My mom gave me this other half of her breakfast burrito from someplace. Still tasty! (cheese, eggs, potatoes, and sausage)

Today at work, I got some reading done but still need to do lots more. In that case, gotta study!

I am excited tomorrow is Monday, I have a weight training class and it helps that the baseball coach is adorable! yes, I said it. Ha.


Kombucha & Joe Brooks

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Darwin fueled me to start blogging agian, thanks Darwin for making me realize that I have a baby blog that I needed to tend to.

I have been busy with school and the lack of access to my computer doesn't help at all.

I have been packing since yesterday and THAT took 6 hours. That was 6 hours of being overwhelmed! I did not eat at all with all that dust flyin' around, opps. I blew my nose and there was dust, tmi. I am not even close to being done with my room, which is all I need to worry about. In fact, my room looks even more horrendous. The reason it took more than 6 hours was due to the fact that I needed to pack so little ( I am moving back home to mom! and there's little space) BUT I felt the need to hold on to things.

I realized that was the problem, I kept holding onto STUFF. Stuff that I didn't need that were just taking lots of empty space and dust. Perhaps when I get home I can toss my old theatre uniform from two years ago? "...but it was from my first job.., ahhh!" It had to take me a few hours to go back to what I packed and toss it out or donate. Eventually I just didn't care, but I still do. argh, packing :o(

Anyway, a couple days ago, I got to see one of my favorite musician, Joe Brooks. I've listened to him since 2007, and fell in love with him and his music ever since. Do you ever get vivid flash backs just from listening to a song? A song that evokes distinct emotions from long ago and takes you back some place, a song that makes you happy because it reminds you of ________, or sad because of ________. His songs definately do that for me! It's definately bittersweet. 

Fortunately, I found out he was coming to San Diego a few days before he was set to play. Lucky me. I thought it was free, but it wasn't. The $ was definately worth it, who knows when I'll see him again.

He has a very charming british accent and it helped a lot that it was an intimate venue. Front row!

I bought his cd and love it!

Last week, my batch of kombucha was ready to be bottled. Unfortunately laziness played some part of a role and I left the kombucha fermenting for longer that expected. The result was a sour tasting brew. I also added WAY TOO MUCH starter in the beginning. So I started all over and made new tea and added more sugar.

 A huge baby scoby forming from a mother. I use green tea only when it comes to booch, but now that I have plenty of scobys, I feel comfortable experimenting. I know that if I ever fail on a batch I have plenty of back ups for trial and error :)

Bubbles are a good thing! it's feeding off the sugar and fermenting. woo hoo!

I started this batch on 9/5, so I should bottle it tomorrow depending on how sweet/fermenty I like it.

Which I will bottle in these awesome mason jars. They have been sanitized, so no funky microorganisms floating around in my booch ya know? :)

This booch was bottled almost a month ago and left at room temperature for the kombucha to continue maturing, like wine?

I added TJ's concorde grape juice (10%) to the mason jar before I bottle it up. The ingredient is just grapes, so I wasn't worried! The result was that it tasted just like the regular grape kombucha I used to buy at grocery stores.


Check out Joe Brook's video, so adorable.

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