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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The great thing about having a non dead-beat lab partner? we git er dunnnn! We were on a roll prepared with our chemicals and what not, so we left an hour early, even though it was 9pm. Nevertheless, I was still happy!

School was good. But unfortunately I did not attend my first two classes because I was down on myself. I didn't like the way I felt and looked, er. A little side story, when I used to have horrible horrible acne...it really took over my emotion and confidence to the point where I did not want to go out at all or socialize. I found a great esthetician, and it went away...but of course acne isn't gone forever and it takes maintenence...but it's too much $$$. Has the lack of confidence set you back or get in the way of something good happening in your life? It's something I need to work on and I know it's definately my minds evilness, it's easy for me sometimes to tell myself to get over it, and I do for the mean time.

Something I remember reading in Twilight oh-em-gee, ha...When Bella wonders whether the image she sees in herself in her own eyes, reflects the same thing people see in her?? I think it's untrue!

+ Bella thought of herself as unattractive, average, lame (not in her own words)...but then she meets Edward drool...and he sees the exact opposite...he sees beauty, warmness, brightness, love...

I have friends who think the worst of themselves...but I see the exact opposite. When I describe to them in terms that describe who they are, they are suprised. SO what I may view about myself...isn't neccessarily what others see in me? (I hope not! especially what I was thinkin' this morning)

Enough of the tangents!

It just got me down this morning, sorry.

                                     The adopted valentine turned my frown upside down.

ah, your smile makes me smile :o)

I was also happy because I enjoyed my cup'roo with

Candy Cane Lane.
I've had this box for so long because I never thoroughly enjoyed it. I having a mug to drink from most definately made me enjoy this tea 100% better.
Added stevia and almond milk to the mix.

I made a pancake mix the night before because I had to pack for my moms.
Just 3-4 measely MAIN ingredients! .

+ Oats
+ Egg whites
+ Ground flax seed
+ Stevia
+ Lotsa' cinnamon
+ Baking soda (1 tsp)

Annnnd that's it!

Topped with A.B

This thing was soooo freaking thick and firm (not in a bad way)
Maybe because it rised over-night? heck, what do I know?
All I know is that once I added baking soda, the texture changed in a good way..der'

Enjoyed it very much. I have the worst sweet tooth eva, but a piece of chocolate can hold me down.
Safe to say...I guess.
My sweet tooth was not satisfied [enter strawberry preserves]

Just like PB&J...but with Almond Butter instead.

Look what I found...can you see it?

and this...

I'm incorporating it to my future pancakes/coffee/tea.

That turkey is just too cute! the little sister made it at school. My mom threatens my little sister that she'd throw it away, but she resists because it is just too adorable. She laughs when she sees it and then changes her mind.

Approach a friend and tell them to describe you. How would you describe yourself if you were to meet someone for the first time?

- It's funny, my pastor would say something along the lines... "you might think you good-lookin' and sexy when you're in front of the mirror, but other people be like uh-huh *eye rolls) ha ha.

Nothing is wrong with being confident!


I love drinking tea in a mug.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's just something about drinking tea in mugs! Anyone agree? especially pretty fancy mugs, they just somehow make tea or (insert hot beverage of your choice here) much more enjoyable to drink.

For the past two days at work, I've been packing my mug in my cooler . I am such a loser :o) and I make sure it FITS in my cooler too. In my cooler I carry tea bags and stevia, the front desk supplies creamer that I can use. I just mircowave my mug with water and then steep my tea bag in + whatever it is to my liking and enjoy!

We got rain on the weekend, and since my work is located right near the ocean...so it got windy and cold! Nothing sounds better than sitting in the guard chair surveying swimmers, wearing a big parka, and sipping on hot tea while watching for safety :o)

I got a package of samples from Optimum Nutrition, yum Chocolate Peanut Butter?

**I have a hard time deciding (since I have one flavor of each) whether I should drink it with almond milk OR water. I've been trying to find a good protein powder where I can depend on just water for it to taste good, or at least decent. So if you have suggestions (I've asked before) I would still like to hear it.**

I went shopping at Target originally for a concealer (because my face has been treating me horrible lately and I've been causing more trauma to the problem) but the concealer I wanted was $10.99! yuck. So I just decided to suck it up and not buy it, whatever. While scanning I went to the Valentines section where everything was on clearence and I bought this new lovely friend!

He was on sale for $1.35! score. I remember wanting to adopt this little fella a while ago but didn't. I couldn't pass up that cute face this time around.

** (on the tangent) I think it's funny how I would pass up on buying non-food items such as that concealer because it was $10.99, but when it comes to food or anything food-related I have no second thoughts what-so-ever. Because after Target, S- and I went to Chipotle (my fav) and spent $8 and that mug $1.35 = $9.35... I would have needed  >$2  just enough to buy that said concealer.

The $20 or how ever much I spend at the groceries add up. So I think it's time I start spending smartly, just recently I've been buying ice berg lettuce rather than the pre-packages salads which saves me ~ $2 and I've been waiting til the end of the week to stock up and go to the farmers market instead. score again.

Latest obession with tea:
Gingerbread Spice by Celestial Seasonings

I've been drinking this non-stop and I am so sad because it's a seasonal tea, hence the stores do not carry it til winter. But holy smokes! have I read this right? that you can buy it online?

It tastes so amazing with cream/almond milk/milk/soy (whatever you prefer) plus stevia. yummmmm!

I added a splash of soymilk and this creamer that I took from 7-Eleven :o)

plus stevia = amazing!
(I drink my tea with my tea bag in the whole time, esp if it doesn't have staples!)

and Mangosteen Green Tea with Matcha by Stash

When I smell the package, it's literally like being in a Folger's coffee commercial. It's so tangy and delicious with stevia, it's so aromatic!

Things I learned this week:

+ When I add baking soda to my protein pancake...which consist of just a measley four ingredients (oats, egg whites, flax, stevia) it makes my protein pancake firmer. (I like to dip it in fruit spread after)

+ Not to buy ice cream when I tell myself I'll eat better, because I will eat the whole thing!

+ When I see someone pick their wedgie, try not to think-out-loud by saying "I saw that" it was just so ackward!

Hope you have a great week.

Fill in the blank: The best part of waking up is ______  in your cup.


Tuesdays can be good

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

 I am happy because my lab class for Chem got canceled! weeee! I got to go home early at 7pm rather than 10pm. This is why I never look forward to Tuesdays, because I have two labs for bio and chem (6 hours) plus 3 other classes dispersed throughout the day; therefore I come to school with such a sour face. As I said in my last post, I would try to smile and brush my hair for today.

A) I was in a good mood listening to Train- Hey, soul sister (I love that song! trying to learn the lyrics, no doubt I'll learn it by the end of this week) so I did smile a bit.

B) Unfortunately I did not brush my hair (oh well)

I did not pack any food with me for the rest of today like I usually do because I decided on a whim to crash at my moms house. I didn't fret because I believed that I could eat decently...on a whim. Thank God I packed oatmeal a couple days ago along with a banana! So I started the day off with a good breakfast.

Breakfast: Premixed oats (1/3 oats, flax, cinnmon, cocoa, stevia) mixed with carton egg whites and hemp milk with thin banana slices.

Attended all two of my classes. Instead of regular biology lab, we went to an aquarium to observe organisms! fun.

Jelly fishes are so interesting and cool. I hope I never get stung by one, ouch! I got stung by a ray and it was not pretty, especially at midnight. My friend and I decided to run like we were from Baywatch and then it just happened. It hurt and I cried.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, the aquarium was located over the cliffs of La Jolla Shore. I swear if I did not have class after I would have gone and lounged at the beach. I got so awe-struck as I drove down the cliffs over-looking the ocean, so beautiful and I don't seem to get tired of it.

This is an egg sac with a growing baby shark! so cool!

I got done after an hour and was ready for lunch. Since WF's was on the way back to school I decided to pay a visit. I wanted a salad, but I also wanted to add a lot meat and carbs! since they weigh food by the lbs at $7 per lb, I figured and knew I would have gone over and fish out more $$$. So on a whim I decided to just go to Chipotle which was across the street.

I ordered a bowl with rice, adobo steak, black beans, green bell peppers, red onions, salsa, hot sauce, corn, cheese, and lettuce. mmmmm! I was so glad I made the decision to go to Chipotle. No guilt whatsoever!

At Chipotle, they serve naturally raised meats that come from vegetarian-fed animals that are humanely raised and never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Boy am I glad I didn't miss Oprah when her show was on the topic of food and Food Inc, because I never knew Chipotle stands for locally grown and fresh ingredients.

Lets dig in shall we?

I decided to save the other half to have after class tonight. I honestly just wanted to finish it all, but I had to stop myself cause I ain't gonna buy more food, thus emptying the already empty wallet. So I would say Chipotle was a good investment.

As for snacks I had unsweetened hemp milk with ON turbo chocolate whey and a small yam on the side x's two. I found it easier to mircowave yams, which I will do from now on. Thus, making my yam shopping more enjoyable.

Now, I just need to rest because I have a sharp shooting pain down my neck. My face spasms everytime it happens, so good thing lab was canceled.

P.S- My mom and little sister has been drinking whole milk, after adding a few tid bits on why she should switch to reduced fat milk a week ago, she came back from shopping and bought reduced-fat milk! Wow, she actually listens to me?

How are you?


Post Valentine

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello there, anything new with you?

Nothing is new with me, besides the fact that I hate school and I that I cut my bangs! they were starting to grow out and parted sideways weirdly. So I took a pair of scissors and snip snip. I like em.

I have been eating so bad lately and I think receiving a box of chocolates does not help the situation at ALL :o) So lets rewind backwards to Friday, which was S- 20th birthday.

Me, Shannon, and Ashley and her friends ate at a Bar and Grille.
A- bragged so much about the Ginger Ale (ok, maybe she didn't, I think she was just excited). So I got a ginger ale as well.

I got a yummy spring mix salad with blue cheese, craisins, grilled chicken and a side of dijon honey mustard. I think the dressing was literally made of honey because the consistency was so gooey.

Fish and Chips for her!

Before we met up with everyone we had to wait at a comic book/ trading card shop.
Attack of the nerds! I swear every one looked at us once we entered, because that place was definately a sausage fest. There were only 4-5 girls and 20 guys!
John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a chubby baby!

After some convincing and thinking, I thought it would be best to spend Valentines day with a very good friend. So yesterday...

He suprised me at a place called King's. Seafood is their specialty and it was hard for me to choose looking at the menu!

I was a bit suprised because the things on the menu looked a little expensive, so I wanted to wait til he ordered first. After looking around and suggesting a few things, he would also suggest a few things for me. Then it wasn't til at that point I got comfortable enough to order whatever it was I wanted.

He got the Kings Plate.
Yum, with fried fish, scallops, and coconut shrimp.
After taking a picture of his plate, I asked if he was embarrassed by me yet.

He replied "No, the girl down there took a picture with her flash on, now THAT is embarrassing." ha

I got sword fish on a skewer with garlic mashed potatos (mmm) and mac n' cheese (what was I thinking?!)
It was very good and meaty! yum. The only thing that I disliked was the the skewer had little or no veggies (three mushrooms does not serve any purpose!). I should've have replaced the mac n' cheese with veggies instead. stupid me!

We left feeling super full and burping our way back to the car! so attractive.

Suprised a gal with a box of chocolates
but suprised me even more with a tea cup I've been eyeing a month ago from Anthropologie ( I love looking at that store)

and more chocolate, he knows better than to get me chocolates, oh boy :o(

This morning we had breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe.

I got an egg white omelete with avocados, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, onions, and salsa with fruit on the side.
He got an omelete with cheddar, bacon, and chorizo with hash on the side. I had a taste and it was good!

I haven't been blogging much because school takes up most of my time and there aren't any interesting eats. I eat the same thing everyday in a boring plastic container.

I will say that I had an Ezekiel english muffin for the first time and it was AMAZING! and chewy and dense and yum!

I've also been going to school with a sour face every Tuedays and Thursdays. Err, tomrrow is Tuesday and I will try to make an effort to smile and brush my hair.

Hope yall have a great day!


Sipz restaurant and lifeguarding in the rain

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It was raining today and I think it's a perfect day to stay home and most importantly...catch up on homework!

Last week my friend S- and I went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Sipz. It's a pretty cool and trendy resteur that combines a fusion flavor of asian. The last time I came here, I did not enjoy the customer service and I vowed not to go again. Well, once I wrote down my bad review for yelp.com, I decided to re-visit the place again. A) I was craving something salty and msg-y and B) I felt like having someone other than me cook something for once!

We got pot-stickerz as an appetizer while deciding on what we wanted to eat.
It was good, but small! I guess it SHOULD be about quality than quantity. But I didn't think it was that great!

I settled with a "chicken" thai curry with brown rice on the side. It tasted very good and comforting. I was so stuffed afterwards. I ate half the portion of this plate and saved the rest for left-overs to eat at school. It was even better! The only thing I didn't like about this dish was that my tofu "chicken" was shaped like a meatball. And also that the taste of fake "chicken" can be very tiring.
I don't really like meatballs or any food that emulates it, don't really know why! but I don't.

S- got a Soft Chow Mein with "beef"

Instead of having a vegan dessert which costs an arm and a leg (plus it didn't look at all appetizing), we settled for frozen yogurt.

Trio of flavors:
- Strawberry Shortcake
- Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup
- Ghiradelli Mocha Chip


Yum, look at those speckle of mocha chips!

I've been coming here since I was 6 years old, for more than half of my life! and the great thing about this place is that the decor has never ever ever changed! AT ALL...I think that is special :o)

Today it rained in San Diego and people are still swimming whilst it's pouring...

I snatched a picture of E- my favorite co-worker! you can see in this picture that it was cloudy, grey, drizzily, and windy!

I am sharing with you all the white board info from our office.
Apparently someone ate someone's donut...
and Robe is pronouced (rob-bie)

We had a problem like this last year that our boss had to address in a meeting. People have been eating food that wasn't theirs from the fridge and people got angry. So our boss had to post a sign on the fridge that read: 'If it's not your food, DO NOT EAT IT!'

But E- ate a blueberry muffin that wasn't hers, bad!

confession: I have been eating like crap! do I regret it? yes! but life happens. I blame my girl hormones, but that's a tired old excuse coming from me!

Gotta move on.

Random Q: Do you have any pet peeves?
- My friend and I have been sharing pet peeves about each other and we actually laugh about it because we know it's true.

I hate how my fingers would smell like the food that I ate prior, no matter how many times I scrub and wash my hands, it still smells like food!

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